Stuff That Should Be Improved


the weirdest part is that you login every time you come to the site :badteeth:


Set to private so no caching, or as little as poss.

Weird that you know dat doe… :badteeth:


…when i open a thread it goes to the first unread post


not if you click into the thread from a search though.


oh, misread that.

well, doesn’t it go to the post that came up in the search?

either way, the little blue dots next to the post time (upper right) indicate whether you’ve read the post before so it’s fairly easy to find


@4ndY looks like the certificate got messed up on the old redirect, getting an insecure connection error


Thanks for notifying me - it is fixed now, but I somehow missed an automatic notification which should be sent before expiration… :-/


Please can we make the old forum emoticons bigger?


This is way too small, it needs to be big in your face for maximum shame.

Just gonna post a few others that i like to see what they look like:



Repost, crazy smile, loud bass bins, cannon, baby, (guy from film forgot whatis called), love hearts, salute, Arsene

All need sorting plz :grouphug:


i think i might be able to do something about that actually. if nothing’s different after a few days gimme a lil reminder


Alpaca is too small too




yo @Gatineau what’s up


yeah i think I can only make them smaller not larger, sorry. i think the system has an upper limit, as I tried resizing them to be larger and adding them to the system, but after testing with a larger one, it comes out exactly the same as the ones we currently have

the original file on the top is twice as large as the bottom one:



re better sorting, i’m 99.9% sure it gives you one section to add new emojis, so…


after quick google i think it can be done, can you give this a shot,?


hmm, i just scanned that quickly, but we already do that i’m pretty sure, because they do render kinda warped and/or smaller if we don’t add them to that CSS page

unless they’re using different commands whatever the right term for that is, as multiple people posted different methods, i’ll compare and see.



Soemthing needs to be done to resurrect this forum and make it a music forum, essentially, again. The SNH is carrying DSF these days so:

1.) More stringent rules in the Secret Ninja Dubs Club including a “feedback for feedback” policy. (which I do anyway but anyway)

2.) More clarification on the rules of threads like the Tuna thread because they could be productive for the forum but are ghosttowns.

3.) That is all.


I say no to more stringent rules in the Secret Ninja Dub Club thread.

If someone wants to say something, they can say something.

Post yer dubs.

Besides, you don’t even leave your tunes up for more than a day, so not enough time to leave feedback anyways.


4/ establish some sort of captcha-like system where before every post, users have to leave a comment on jaydot’s soundcloud to prove they are humans


there are no ‘rules’ for tuna lol, its just a fun community thing, get involved if you wanna get involved…