Stuff That Should Be Improved


things are absolutely perfect
aside from things that aren’t.

even that is perfect
given that expectations are perfectly unpredictable
so,as fans of perfect unpredictability, we are subject to the vagaries
of whatever. actually happens

which is what actually happens
when we absolve causation of any determination
of what occurs according to those who sit outside the shed
deciding who can be dealt to.


from what i gathered you can set it up so that they use their original dimensions…?


Not rules as such, but when and where to send the beats.


A link in Brut™ 🗿 appears to be throwing some kind of pageload error consistently for a few days (at least on iOS), likely embedded badness. @moderators Halp.


there’s a thousand links in there, any chance you know which one?

it loads real slowly for me, but that can happen when there’s a ton of media in a thread. i don’t really see anything other than being slow to load


I dont get an error on windows 7 or iOS here :confused:


WEIRD. :confused_og:

Also: :cannon: emoji is gone?




also, the big lebowski emoji is larger now

if anyone wants others to be larger (incl. cannon), feel free to request. it would be v helpful if you can post a larger version of it, especially for gifs.


I’m wondering how doable it would be to develop a music player that parsed all the YT, BC, BK, and SC links in a thread here and queued them into a playlist for listening so you didn’t have to press play on every single post in a long thread with embedded music links… would think maybe a JSON script?


Did you guys tweak the Suggested Topics setting? Because it used to only show threads that were made recently but now it’s showing random threads from a year ago.


that’s not a customizable setting setting to my knowledge, could’ve been on a site-wide level


Maybe it was a glitch because it seems to be back to normal today.


i reckon this happens when you’ve read all the recent threads so there’s nothing new to suggest and it shows old threads

its dsf’s way of telling you to get back to work


The baseline was set and then the anomaly detection triggered.

#499 used to auto redirect to here, but no longer does.
i could just update my bookmark but i can’t be bothered tbh.


I’ve restored now the previous behaviour. Cheers.


For the last hour the forum was down - some issues occurred while I was updating it, but now it is fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience.


still seems a bit slower than normal, anyone else noticing that?


Hmm, I do not. During which actions does the delay occur?


Yeah all good now @4ndY :+1: