System/ V.I.V.E.K


Got mine yesterday morning. Not warped this time and seems like its pressed on slightly heavier vinyl. Really good quality pressing this time round.


my re-repress of 002 just turned up, looks good :hooray:


Hope they pressed some extra ones for record stores, my og pressing is a little bit warped.


I doubt it honestly.


^ This tbh, he would’ve just repressed the same number and sent them out to the original repress customers…hold tight the cheap discogs warped copies sale :nogunfinger:

Edit: lol they’re already appearing…

Warped records can be flattened tho, plenty of how to’s on the Internet


lol 18P + shipping for a warped to shit copy. Fuck off mushi sock account.


Fuck man I wish i hadnt been out to lunch in europe when this came out. I rate Karma. Alot. Fuck dubstep vinyl hype tbf… why dont these labels press more than a thousand of anything?


musical snobbery? to create a perception of demand based on lack of supply? to create exclusivity hype? who knows, but for me it works with DMZ and to a certain degree SYSTEM - tbf at least vivek does repress…I recently had an exchange with Encrypted Audio on their fb where they asked their followers what their favourite ‘moment’ in encrypted audio’s (brief) history was…I replied that my least favourite was missing out on Marane/Kompla and asked if they were going to repress, their reply was an indignant NO as if they were some kind of dubstep demi-gods and I was a lowly mortal turd they had just scraped off the bottom of their shoe :cornlol:


I believe sometimes it can be artists decision. IIRC Innamind said that Gantz does not let them repress his older tunes (need that IMRV003 aaaaahh)


^THIS^ absolutely bang on. I actually had a similar exchange with them on Twitter also regarding Marane/Kompla, and I believe they replied with something similarly dismissive. I am just being very bitter here, but 100 copies/no repress/no digital on some stuck up underground label is a fucking joke for a release of that caliber, those tracks deserve better! And they won’t even allow them in full on Youtube, so forget owning this shit, essentially there is nowhere to even listen to these tunes. In my opinion two of the best Eva808 tracks and she’s getting zero exposure for it. She might as well have scrapped them altogether, because 99% of the intended audience won’t ever get to hear them, unless you’re lucky enough to happen to be out in a club and a DJ happens to have 1 of those 100 copies, and what are the chances of that.


100 copies smells like bullshit to me…discogs says it was pressed at MPO and i doubt they’d entertain such a small run. at least, our distro (who goes through MPO) told us minimum press is 300. either they’ve got sick contacts, or they’re bullshitting, or they’re sitting on 200 copies.


this stuff is why i get my vinyl only dubstep from kazakh filesharing sites


Drip feed them for sale on discogs for mad profit. Why sell 1 for £4 once distro and recs get their cut when one can go for £40!


it wouldn’t surprise me. i’m doing kinda the same shit right now with path of jah, but i did sell a load for £4 each on discogs a few years ago, and i’m on the verge of bankruptcy right now so i don’t feel so bad about it.


Dmz repressed back in the day just how System does now (year or so afterwards)
I can see System doing the same then people asking in 5 years time saying “why doesn’t Vivek repress the system releases?”


Yea very cool of them lol… Real talk tho, anyone want to move their lightly warped copy once they receive the replacement I’m willing to put face value back in your wallet. Get at me.



Also yea I honestly don’t think they would be making any money on a 100 run @ 4£… so I’m with you and @Johnlenham on the BS/scogs drip strategy.

I mean from the prices here going straight to a plant you CAN get a 100 run of something but its gona be around 11-12 CAD a peice MINIMUM… likely more tbh… like 15 easily. This would be roughly 5-8£ ea if you don’t factor in the recent p drop and that’s just bare bones white paper sleeve.


yea can probably do that, I now have 3 copies including the warped one, hibbie has already reserved my original…going for 2 week holiday on Thursday and won’t be able to do anything between now and then, but will try and remember when I get back.

I’ve also been doing a bit of research on how to flatten a warped plate, the oven method between two pieces of glass seems a bit dangerous, but there are proper vinyl flattening machines you can buy which people swear by, but the good ones are way too expensive to be worth it for me, so i’ve been trying to find someone in the UK who offers it as a service but no dice so far.


Safe I’ll get at you then. Works out fine for me as I’m waiting on my first pay since getting back and I’m skint rn.


Also their logo looks really like a Swastika