System/ V.I.V.E.K


Fuck sake… plz reach redeye…


swear Vivek said no repress and 300 copies or something for this one. i dunno though.


Fuck sake ridalz are you trolling rn??


It was no repress but more like 1k pressed, I can try and find the interview later (after my interview, heh)


No pls


Assuming it will be 9pm BST not GMT as it says on the site

I’d pay £7.50 for any of the plates on their own so don’t think £30 is toooo bad


Fully decked out artwork as well


Heard the same thing. Sorry everyone.


This is like midnight all over again

Except you know, not


Any clips up for the tunes. Do we know if theyre even any good? (I’m sure they are but like… what if it’s like 8x Gunfam)


you can find most of em on Youtube. I rate most of them!




yeah like @KingGwarn said they’re all on youtube somewhere, should pop up


anyone get a free system sticker on saturday

they were chucking em into the crowd


Shit man must have missed that, who’s set did they get chucked out on? System Roots?


Post any links you have for the others guys.


A. Medicine Dub - @9:06

C. Zindagi Dub


during vivek’s set, i dont think many people realized tho they were just chucking a few at random so i think a lot were left on the floor, that’s how i got 2


Ah ok, well spotted, I’ll keep an eye out next time. Enjoyed the night, was like a sauna though


Scrub that im on it…got the mobile data…got the alarm set :corndance: