System/ V.I.V.E.K


Haha buying records in 2016. Prob going to be the first one I don’t cop cos it’s £30 and I’ve got about 8 weeks left in the country




Tbf buying records before the internet was more of a pita…you’d have to traipse round record shops all day and you’d be extremely lucky to get hold of some of the rarer plates…im in the middle of nowhere on a greek island and im just about to cop the new system (he says, maybe a bit too confidently :badteeth:)


Got mine


I think 1k records were pressed since as soon as they went up I tried to order 1000 copies but didn’t say they had enough in stock but 900 worked perfected. Copped, £35 is the most I have spent on a single release in a long time.


Strong investigation game mate


What happened to 300?


Lol i got 3 for a laugh so if any of you missed out cos of pay day or wotevs hmu…1st come 1st served…just retail price ofc


At 21:10 there are between 650 and 670 left.
10 mins to sell 350, maybe kept 50 himself to give out or “find” one day.
So about 300 sold give or take in 10 mins?


Strong sales imo. Glad it wasn’t super hectic as well.


Tried to do same thing once, i dont remember what release but added 2000 and was still able to buy so I dont think its the answer How many was pressed


Stopped myself at the PayPal screen. Not worth $50 for me.


You have to press update then try to process to the checkout then will deny you saying there isn’t enough copies.


Tbf 100 would of been for TANMUSHIMUSHI
Or whatever name they are hiding under now


Woke af


what are the chances these all come warped?




i feel like some people are going to individually sell the plates.


You still got one left?


I really like One Heart and Medicine Dub

and Rockers ofc, but that one’s been making the rounds for like 2 years.

wish i could drop $50 on this but not gonna