System/ V.I.V.E.K




Still haven’t received my Karma re-repress.

Since I bought System 005 shortly after the beginning of the dispatch, do you guys think it’s possible they’ll send me the two releases together? Or am I delusional and just never gettin’ dat repress?


Did u message them on the wearesystem website re the smear dub repress?


Yeah, shortly after the re-repress was mentioned here, I sent them a mail to ask them about it, telling them my copy was warped too.

With my lack of luck, that’s another package stolen on my front porch.


It’s probably stock that hadn’t been sold. E3 told me they don’t repress.


Also a bit miffed I missed SYSTM005, had the page up for a week, and saw that it hadn’t sold out so I was like “heh, maybe I can wait to get this, and save up.” Of course I check today when I get my pay and they’re gone. lol oh well


There were over 200 copies left today when I checked, they must have sold them to record stores as holding £6,000 of stock isn’t exactly the most ideal thing.


Look for it on redeye in the next few days imo.


Got mine today copy today, all of the sleeves are numbered. Odd seeing a 10" boxset.


Not cracked the shrink wrap on mine yet but looks a nice package aye


would be so sick if vivek could just throw this one up on beatport


Haha that is not happening.

I may cop if it ends up.on RedEye. Why spend £30 when I can drop £50 and get free postage. Woooo


Got mine today. Can’t comment on the sound quality because my ears are fucked from a recent flight b2b flu symptoms, but the presentation is really nice. Favourite tune is for sure Medicine Dub, that bassline >>>>>>>


Haven’t got mine yet because @swerver the champion of time/bants continuum hasn’t been back from vacation and he bought me a copy on credit because I was broke.

When shit goes down and things are all said and done, I wanna make sure he goes down as the guy that put money on the line for bants and safeNess.

Out of pure selfless safeness.


Tbf i was pretty drunk, and i woke up the next morning like ‘wtf have i done’…but it all worked out :grouphug:

At some shitty little airport on the way back now, been up since 5am, need a shit but toilets have no seats and no locks on doors, gonna have to suck it up or take a dump at 30k ft :badteeth:


Im kinda surprised how hard hes pushing it (comparative to the others) , like its a good record and it costs £30, its not really a surprise its not sold out in 4 days lol surely people will be happy to cop it all the way till next payday and beyond


Check Redeye it’s on there now, glad i copped it from the system page.


£41.76 :badteeth:


I guess Viv just raised the price by what he would have lost to distro
Now I’m glad as well I copped it from the system page


fuck that then. Kinda sad cos i used to be so on insta copping but what can you do .