System/ V.I.V.E.K


That’s with vat tho. It’s really 34£. If you bag it with something else and get free shipping you’re back down to face value easily. Plus what does viv charge for shipping I wonder?


is it just me or Medicine Dub sounds really good in 33RPM as well as in 45


£5 shipping

Still waiting on mine, hopefully it comes tomorrow


back at work this morning and surprised to find that my copies of system005 still not here…anyone else in ldn not got theirs yet?


the versa remix sounds sick at 45.

The whole thing is good, Crucial Dub is probably my favourite, Zindagi Dub is cool and the Lionize remix is fun. Glad i copped


Still waiting on mine, was hoping to have it today as well.



hopefully it’ll turn up today, will keep you posted tho :onethumb:


Wonder if they blocked ya cos u ordered more than one haha


[quote=“SYSTEM:SOUND Facebook”] Next system will be on 26th December - Boxing Day special


well they took my money and confirmed the sale and shipping address! :lol_og:


Mine has arrived!!!


yeah mine too…@Databoi @CreamLord :hooray:


Haven’t received mine yet.

And haven’t received my 002 re-repress, btw. Dropped a mail to System AGAIN, got absolutely no answer back. Nice. Makes me super glad I’ve spent so much money for his releases and the crazy shipping fees over time.


wait where are you based? im in the USA and my orders from everywhere have been taking weeks. redeye usually came in 7 days and its been 13.


I’m based in Canada, redeye is 7 days on the fast side for me. Usually all UK Shipments are 2-3 weeks avg.


yeah it used to always be 7 days. now that 2-3 weeks is what im getting. sucks ass.


redeye upside for me is 4 days. If I pull sunday night I get it by friday best case. But im in Toronto.


anybody wanna sell Rockers / One Heart? :smiley:


yeah sure, 50 gbp