System/ V.I.V.E.K


I’m in France. Usually get my Redeye packages under a week…

Just got System 005 in the mail, BTW. Looks good, but still, no 002 re-repress in the mailbox, and no answer to my mails. Thx Viv’…


knew it was gonna happen


Everytime i ship my reserves from Red Eye its 2nd day air, Im in California

I order them on Monday and get them Wednesday every time

Edit: they ought for 70$ shipping, yea? Haha


Didn’t have the money for this when it was released and now that that I do, it’s sold out everywhere. So fucking pissed off, was really looking forward to this one. PS if anyone has a spare and is willing to part with it for a decent price, please let me know



Saw this but it’s like 50 pounds including shipping, bit on the pricey side.


I’m sure you’ll be able to buy it discogs for 80£ shortly.


It’s already selling for $60


well, it cost over 50usd direct from system new


still havent received my copy of system 005 yet :s hopefully its not lost



I wouldnt stress yet, I, along with some other stateside folk, havent gotten mine yet either.



actually came home to work to find it on the step today


Nice man

Yea my bro got his in Sacto yesterday (including a copy for me that i have no idea when ill be able to buy from him)

What number you get?

Edit: my bro also copped Rainfall in Dub mint off scogs this AM for 60£, cant believe it


Why? There’ll surely be a repress at some point.


Postman finally dropped off my copy of System 005 today!


Copped a ticket for boxing day as well, 50/50 about going but will see how things go over xmas. Feel like Cessman might play and would hate to miss finally seeing him on a rig.


I reckon it’d be fun if we could pull together a list of people that have played at the night. I personally haven’t been to one yet, but judging from what I’ve seen and heard, these are some that I know have performed:

Mala, Karma, Foamplate, Egoless, Quest, Kromestar, Versa, LAS, Commodo, Chef, N-Type, Pinch, Goth Trad, Hatcha, Youngsta, J:Kenzo, Kahn, Ishan Sound, Horsepower, Distance, Om Unit, dBridge, Amit, Loxy, DJ Krust, Benny Ill, Dillinja, Channel One, Wen, Gantz

Keep 'em coming!


I think distance played one, not too sure


Om Unit & dBridge aswell, possibly Moresounds but not too sure on that one.