System/ V.I.V.E.K


Amit and Loxy have played. Don’t think Gantz has? Can’t forget the System Roots guys as well.

When did Aba Shanti-I play??


yeah the first new years one


Yeah I misstook this years High Rise Leeds Summer Party for System, Viv was hyping it for a while. Aba Shanti, Quest b2b Chef, Skeptical and SP were playing then


wasn’t he supposed to play one, but they rejected his visa or something?


Yeah you’re right, I remember something along those lines.


Oh Wen also played second birthday iirc


ye visa trouble


gantz has definitley played one back in the dome days


Horsepower at the dome was :fire:


Nah Gantz definitely played, it was the 2nd Birthday, with Quest and Wen


Add Gantz, DJ Krust, Benny Ill, Dillinja and Channel One to the list


oh ye i spoke to gantz at that one how’d i forget he played …


Oh you mean Sonny? Hes actually a really nice guy tbh…


Generation and Change :gunfinger:


Is this Gantz at 1:35:00 ? Does anyone know what’s the name of it or other tunes?


I’m a little late because I got my System005 mid-October, but what’s everyone’s fave tracks on it? I love the A and B sides the most so far but I’m not sure I have a fave out of all them yet. Not totally feeling the Foamplate remix, but I haven’t listened a whole lot.


Rockers :fire::fire::fire:


Jip, Rockers & One Heart are my favorites.


One heart wav from the man himself


Yunx was best