System/ V.I.V.E.K


Yeah quest played it iirc


Yeah Kromestar pissed me off so much that night


Yeah Quest played victim support in amongst the oldies at the end of his set. Got the wheel up too.

Gagging for an ID on that second Coki one though. V hench.

Ah would like to reach that Carnival System, murmurs over Dimensions though which may clash again.

(Truhed statement incoming) Kahn would be good but any ‘Yes Iyah’ samples got ppl v over gassed on Friday regardless of the actual tune. He always brings it though so wouldn’t say no.

@wilson yeah I feel you. I enjoyed it tbh, it was a bit weird the layout with only one combo megastack but the pressure was undeniable. V consistent too. It was crazy loud from about 11:30+

Idk it feels like at the last couple there have been fairly slim amounts of standout moments, which I always took from the other ones. No Dread RMX 1st play into Neverland w lights on or Goth Trad wheeling his intro tune for example.

Thinking about it I think maybe there’s less stand out dubplates everyone’s clucking for ATM. Cant remember the last dub on like a Badman VIP/Trapped/Dread/Miracles rmx level where everyone’s waiting for it and that doesnt even matter cus when it comes out in the rave its bananas. Whether that’s because there’s less outlets for ppl to get gassed about them atm idk…

I think I’m just getting old and I’m not even old ffs - rosetinted dome memories preventing me from getting excited about anything anymore


Probably not as hype cos your arnt just tunnel visioned into dubstep life these days?

I haven’t cared much for new stuff since I left London tbh, can’t even remember the last radio show I listened to or tune I bought.

House mates did buy me the a
Artwork Red ep for my birthday tho.

I was oddly watching a documentary last night about Northern soul and I drew alot of parallels between it and how it felt going up to ldn for system. Part of it was the whole group well into it but alot of people have moved on so it never feels quite the same.


Yeah true @Johnlenham - I mean really there isn’t much on ATM. We were even saying this when classic Systems were on but even then there was bigger Contacts/still last legs of Subdub in ldn

Some gd small ones though. Saw a lot of The Mine shirts at System. Gonna reach Shitty Dubstep Night in a couple of weeks in Kingsland Rd w/ Sepia

But definitely not as tunnel visioned. Half the fun was rocking up and seeing everyone in the same spot, or meeting a couple of new ppl around.

Some parts of the Medi weekender at Trinity were good. Venue is deff a big part


That the July 7th one?




Sick1, probably catch you in the dance



Check the Malleus & Oxossi EP forthcoming Innerverse - had two tunes at least got played by Quest. One we deff thought was Commodoreóssi-and-malleus-amongst-the-hemlock-ep


^the one at 35-36 mins Viv played. Was nice

EDIT: the one at 1hr 45m is the bloody one I was after. Nu Commodo… pfft

spend the whole night looking for those 1s


I’ve been rinsing invisigoth for time now, such a killa tune. The sample in the breakdown as well, wears dog collars etc… so gut. Cool to see Quest pushing relatively unknown talent with the label as well.


yeah copped this on @swerver’s reccomendation, only gave it a proper listen day afterr system though


Yeah its hard

Literally could be a VIP of how dare you tho…


sounds nothing like it imo, unless commodo got a patent on square leads now

how dare you is much more droney, the invisigoth has a different movement to it

both r bangers

(that commodo black acre release is insanely underrated tho, it wasn’t on some dubstep nerd label so it was missed by most ‘heads’ lol)


Who else will be playing? Where you get the info from?


Vivek mentioned it at the end of Friday’s night


saw they have one at fabric at the end of July, not been to fabric innnnn must be about 3 years? was my first proper clubbing night donkeys ago, might be worth a trip


truhedz anywhere else in the world: “ohshitwaddup have u seen that fuckin line up???”

truhedz in london: “might be worth a trip”


haha, Im not in London anymore and Fabric isnt known for the vibez. Would be going on a nostalgia expedition tbh


Lol you’re tempting me now.

There’s some butters stuff on there though, TC ! Sheesh. Womp womp womp

I got suckered in for the last Bug one there w him, loads of MCs, Headhunter, Pinch, Iration, Chunky & Exit takeover in room two & the crowd STILL managed to ruin the night…