System/ V.I.V.E.K


:pray: they make it home safe


Found fuck mountain.

The others still unaccounted 4.

Well wanna mix w Conference r/n


well but at least they still sound mint :slight_smile:


SP:MC just said on rinse he has a release forthcoming, very interested in hearing that


You beat me to it was just gonna post that here myself lol


Pondlife hype ?


Shit I’d fully be down for a sp release on system


Pondlife would be sick! But whynot Tempa? Are they even still active (last release was December '16 I think)





v63? lol ffs


this is so huge :bomb::bomb:


Vivek - 2 heaters from man like Cessman . Pre the beats at . Vinyl available on 2nd October at



Gooooon Theo


Wow, that Cessman plate is such a disappointment, might be the worst release on the label so far tbh. Boring, generic tunes with a worn out jah-sample.

Passing on this one


It’s up for sale

Not for me, I have passed on the last 2 plates. Hoping the next plate is fire.


I think Deadly Serpent is pretty good tbh


the LAS plate is big tbf


I rate this Cessman plate tbh, generic ‘jah rastafari’ sample aside. It’s nothing groundbreaking but I feel the tunes are still solid