System/ V.I.V.E.K


Bought a copy of this at SYSTEM in Amsterdam last weekend, sick tracks.




Flat as a pancake tbh, both tunes. I like Sleeper as well


Oram mode is alright I suppose


Don’t do anything for me, will give it a swerve.


Who’s reaching tomorrow?



Anyone else?




Unfortunately not :frowning:

Think the last dubstep night I went to was system nearly 2 years ago. That will have to change v. Soon




I got a spare ticket for tomorrow if anyone’s interested as a friend unfortunately had to drop out, not really arsed about selling, know someone who needs one they can have it, I could use some help getting from kings cross to dingwalls though as I’m not too familiar, just pm me


Copping the shit out of that SP release tomorrow


System in April 2016 was the last proper dubstep event i went to.
Hope to be back in London soon and start reaching a few events again.


ch3 is in Poland and my other mate I would stay with is up in Glasgow, so Ill be back in Bristol.

Subloaded next week will be my first dubstep night since…shit i cant even remember…whenever Zamzam guy played at trinity maybe?


I’m gonna cop that SP:MC plate or die trying. Showing no mercy to Discogs sharks.


Yo @Riddles tell me you’re rolling thru? been time since one of our last mid rave meet-cutes…


Yoo I’ll gladly take this off your hands if its still going m8. Will repay you in cigarettes, lager & love


He’s just got married and i thiiiiink is in Borneo on honeymoon


First come first served, it’s yours mate no worries! better than the ticket going to waste is all