System/ V.I.V.E.K


cannae wait, ill be there, not that anyone would recognise me but i go to every system in london - blonde skinny fuck off my face alongside my short blonde slavic girlfriend, also off her face, enjoy the night lads!


Ahhhh of course, saw the engagement on fb but haven’t really logged in since. Congrats bro! @Riddles

So hyped for tonight…


Wish I could come but flights off this weekend so gonna have to be a pass. need a good system in my life soon tbf


Mad jealous of all you guys, I miss System :frowning:


How was it @CreamLord @wilson ?

Was way too tired on the stamina vibe and ducked out


Enjoy & congrats!


Pretty decent, silkie smashed it. Sleeper was better than I expected. Kahn opening was alright, didn’t get a massive reaction when gong dropped though. Vivek was pretty much what you’d expect as well


Silkie has so much energy.

What sorta stuff did Kahn play for an opening set? Anything on the Young Echo tip - more weird/non dancefloor stuff or was it strictly dubstep and grime?


Yeah pretty much dubstep and grime for the most part


Yeah thought Sleeper smashed it actually.
System roots and Dego a pleasure as always. Would love to see them do a dedicated night one day.
Kahn was good. Mainly 140 from what I remember. Over deh so was fun.
Got off about 20 mins into Vivek cos we’re old.
Out to the massively extra security guy.


Lol @wilson reckon you’re old I had 3 pints before and a pizza and had to take myself to bed

Shame to miss it but o well


Ok. Time to come clean.

I’ve never been to a dubstep night.


Really wanted to go to this one to pop my cherry so to speak, but I had work at 7am this morning and would never have got back in time. Are System events regular? They look decent and I wouldn’t mind getting down to one. I’m only an hour from N.London so getting to central/south isn’t too much of a ballache


At least 3/4 a year. Birthday in Feb, Notting Hill Carnival and NYE are usually the regular ones then the odd ones pop up here and there.

VIVEK apparently has a new night in london starting soon I saw (forget where).


News Year Resolution is to get to a proper night with a chestcaving system. Not interested in reggae infused nights. I want straight up gully. No bro. Proper weight.

I want to be unable to breathe properly for a week afterwards.


Sound restrictions are a bitch so don’t get your hopes up on finding a night where you are unable to breath properly for a week.

You’ll see loads of reviews or comments about nights on here critcising the sound or system and it comes across quite pessimistic and disappointing… but just go to any nights with your favourite producers/djs. As long as the sound isn’t completely shit and really lacking low end its always a good night… beats staying in anyway.

If you focus on impeccable soundsystems you’ll mostly be disappointed with dubstep events in London.


That’s very surprising.


There’s definitely nights with big sound, but it’s not too often you’ll be like holy fuck or whatever. Generally though the sound is usually good enough for the night and as long as there’s decent djs and you got a good crowd then the vibe is good regardless


Vibe and selection >>>>


what about the dub guys? are even channel one and whatnot unable to turn it up loud in london these days?


Was a very good night all in all I reckon.
Only caught the very end of System Roots so can’t comment on their set.
Kahn’s set was decent, Damascus and Abattoir VIP probably got the biggest reactions.
Silkie killed it, played quite a diverse set, Goblin got a big response as always and nice to hear some other oldies like Snake Eater which don’t get rinsed so much any more. His set was very energetic.
Final 2 hours were the best though. Sleeper and VIVEK absolutely smashed it. Both their sets were very minimal for the most part, just drums and sub and not much else, but it worked perfectly, still loads of energy despite how skeletal many of the tracks were. Viv opened with a drumless version of Asteroids that just put everyone in a trance. He played some classics from the System back catalogue such as Tic and Smear Dub, but mostly lots of the newer dubs he’s got cut, some mad Kromestar ones and a bunch I couldn’t put a name to. Closed with a little speech bigging up Deep Medi and Mala and saying ‘there is no beef’ (hmmm), before signing off with Where Were You (his forthcoming track on Blacklist). But Sleeper was set of the night for me, it was on another level.
First System I’ve been to at Dingwalls since 5th birthday last year, the system itself seemed a bit quieter this year? Viv mentioned something about having it as loud as they were allowed to, wasn’t overly quiet just not as powerful as last couple of birthday nights. I know they had a few technicals as well and at one point the sound got a bit distorted but they managed to sort it pretty quickly