System/ V.I.V.E.K


Yeah it’s always a vibe in there. Proper small dark room. Definitely reach the birthday on July 7th, imma be going down


My birthday is 2 days before so that’s almost a definite, cheers for the heads up! :facepunch:


Fuk me i’m retarded, thought it was 1 tune lol never clocked the ‘Side B Namaste’ text even though i have played this about 50 times lol
I blame the tiddys.
They aren’t even the same speed lool idiot


@Mechar you seem to be on the ball with releases, you know of any mixes with Namaste in or a longer version to listen to?


he posted this earlier in the thread actually


Nice one


Don’t usually rate wobblers at all but this is done so well, nex level production


Yeah, the mentioned YT rip is good, so is the von D mix further back in the thread.

Hit up Kenzo’s latest Rinse mix for a long listen to ‘94


agreed the periodic metallic sounding wobs are so well placed


was definitely sick though wished it was a tiny bit louder - was good having a wee dance with ya to mate (was the blonde cunt with two girls right next to ya, my girl was thankful for the lip balm) see you round next time!


Oh shit big up haha, yeah was well nice. They had it a bit louder at the first one but they got some complaints so had to turn it down. Tbf you couldn’t really stand by the stack for long at that session cause the High end would pierce your ears so sound quality wise it’s nicer


if its over a tenner on 'Cogs you are too late


Nah it’s calm lol, most of the ones I want are like 5-7 and the ones that are 10+ I will justify by telling myself they’re essential on the odd occasion I cop them


As I have said before all my system destroyers I have payed less than a 5er for I.e got Kutz - tarantula for £2.99 and it never fails to get reloaded


Bargain bangers are the one:


Can we have a thread dedicated to bargain cogs bangers under a tenner?


Red indian also a banga



Still some left surprisingly…


Big up forgot about this, copped