System/ V.I.V.E.K


thx 4 the dox

gonna put my pony dik in ya eye socket 4 that


it aint doxing if someone’s already said it first on the forum :stuck_out_tongue:

but, i apologize. (some) furries are valid, like you and the chav artist.


yeh, there is a reason why @Dubstep_Warrior has to wear glasses now



Anyone reaching the goth trad b2b vivek night this Saturday, tempted to head up


Wish I could have made it, had to do family shit all weekend. Did anyone reach?


Yeah was a decent night still, system weren’t too bad either


Incoming Headland…


any guesses what the tunes could be?

really want tasty witch to come out but somehow don’t see it coming out on system


mans got bare dubs so it could be anything lol, but i agree tasty witch don’t sound very ‘system’


Witness coming in at the 3:00 minute mark


Can’t find Witness, but this one is flames


Updated my post w both tracks


ahh fuck yes, young blood is such gas


Young Blood is wack imo. Witness is sick doe, Loefah vibes :gunfinger:



Its now available for order


Anybody reaching system this Friday? My first dubstep night in about 2 years… been working long hours so don’t get to listen to radio shows much anymore and I’ve mainly been listening to albums… what big choons doing the rounds atm we can expect to hear??


Yeah I’m on it


Same tunes as two years ago lol