System/ V.I.V.E.K


somewhat sweeping but okay.



I was looking into it but its nearly £25 now and I dont like electric.


They’re sticking by the no sound restrictions I see…


As long as there’s more weight than last time they had sinai in electric


Taken from speakerplans forum


I’d rather have overall volume a bit quieter with more weight. Last I was at electric they had a void system in and that had some serious weight


Maybe Viv is just planning to fuck off the db meter and get the place shut down lol. Respect.


tbf when I went to the first Contact night there with RC1 the weight was absolutely punishing


Fingers crossed then I guess




That was a loooooong time ago, its never been a “loud” venue to me, that deep medi night was abysmal for example. Hopefully its all good for tomorrow though. Kode 9 had one of my fav sets at Unsound this year which would be a good switch from relentless 140


Deep medi 10?


yh thats it.


Christ lol, that was something


Electrics searches are invasive as fuck had a woman stick her hand in gooch was not happy




I remember once I was in the queue right behind a guy that got kicked out because they found his gear during their search, so then they had to be extra invasive with me just to prove a point, I was properly bricking it. Security geezer literally touched the base of my knob :expressionless:


This one time at light box during search the guy was fully fondling my balls for like 10/15 seconds while staring straight into my eyes. Was shitting it cause I had a baggy under them as well haha


i told her if her fingers go any further ill break em, she stopped