System/ V.I.V.E.K


So I’m mostly up for work between 4-5am most days. Took the day off to try get some decent sleep in as I’ve not been to a night in a long time… woke up at 4am.

Thats gunna make Shardas set at 4:15am a struggle. Lookin forward to that one tho


Haha good luck man. Have set times been posted up?



Damn I wish I could go.


Chef will be the best set, saying it now


Inb4 chef brostep only dubplate set



fuck me, vivek b2b commodo :surprised:


Was a big night, hold tight everyone I caught in the dance


I had a feeling they’d end up at Fold. Heard good things about the place, Shaka’s used it before as well


Did they push the sound or nah?


Yeah there was some nice weight to the sound


Was very impressed with the sound


Damn, wish I went. Has been a few years since I have went to a dubstep night!


Damn even the bug was pleased so it must have been aite!


How was Shackleton?


Yeah was decent, we both nearly didn’t go cos we were both battered from work and shit, but yeah Peach was good then Shackleton was but the crowd was abit ropey, kinda pissed city folk trying to pull. Saw a few guys in skull disco stuff tho.
Pangaea switched it up abit with some garage and that, by 3 we were deing so came home.
I’m not sure I could have hacked electric but it would have been good to see the usual lot


Yes bruvva was good to see you! (I was the guy with shaved head, beard, glasses, there with my crew near left stack where you were - we were wearing matching purple System t-shirts lol).

I got there in time to catch end of D Double E. Was decent, great actually but he only played for half an hour which was a bit peak.

Chef was great but they hadn’t cranked the sound right up at that point. Also felt bad for him because the records kept skipping on one of the decks. But he opened with Coki - Light One straight into Mala - Jah Power, and later on played DMZ vs MZN, so you can’t really argue with that!

They cranked the sound WAAAAY up for The Bug. It was an onslaught from start to finish. So intense I nearly passed out. In a good way. Flowdan shelled it down on mic duties and I don’t usually care for MCs.

Vivek was solid, really minimal, most songs just brutal pounding subs and drums, I loved it. Didn’t recognise most of the tunes, seemed to be mostly newer bits rather than System classics. Once again opened with the drumless version of Asteroids which is now my favourite version of that tune.

Kode9 smashed it too. Started with some gqom stuff that was really bassy, then into some dubstep classics like Mala - Blue Notez and TRG - Broken Heart (Martyn Remix). Later on played some footwork and jungle/footwork hybrids that translated really well on the Sinai system. Definitely played footwork influenced more by UK music than the stuff influenced by American rap.

Final set was Sharda (I’m guessing a relative of Viv’s?), it was obvious this was the ‘wind-down’ set but he played a decent selection of older garage and newer bass house; the mixing could have been a bit tighter but no train wrecks that I can recall.

All in all a top night, the Sinai system was firing (was around 110db, so not ridiculously loud, but solid enough - it was probably a bit louder than that for The Bug). Vibes all night, met so many safe people, encountered 0 dickheads, even the bar staff were cheery enough!


Oh shit hold tight haha was good to meet you man. I’m still lowkey buzzing off the night tbh which is always a good sign. I remember coming back from the toilet at one point and when I got back to the stack vivek dropped this tune and I felt so nauseous for a second haha