System/ V.I.V.E.K


He has a copy too? Thought it was just Mala, Joe nice and Quest


Tbf it’s chef so not too surprising


yeah i suppose, so must be 4 copies in existance.



I didn’t know quest had a copy.


Opens with it in this


There is also an olddd rinse mix where he plays it twice in its entirity


Chef has everything, it’s baffling he’s not one of the massive DJs touring as he’s always the best guy playing on the line up.


100% sure it’s because he’s not a producer or owner of a bigger/active label

you’re right though he should be waaaay bigger


might be his own choice as well to not really go after tours and bookings like that. Not everyone wants that lifestyle


good point actually


This is the truth… but with everything comes shit. He’s got a lot of questionable tear out.





In the comment the guys talk about Drone
Maybe a rumor maybe not


I dunno…4 x 10" sounds like a Vivek ‘special’…like SYSTM005


Yes I believe too, but something tells me that this 025, and the 4x10", are two different releases, two different teasers, not sure of course.
At least it is sure that Vivek is welcoming Drone on System in his post here:


025 is Drone and 4x10" is Mala. Remember when he talked about that box of unreleased tunes in the book “Passion for Vinyl”? This has to be it.

A Jah Power Dub
B Runway

A Cowboy Dub
B Sundayz

A Body Clock delay
B Friday B4 (with Orson)

A Livin Different VIP
B Livin Different VIP Gundam Refix


no more beef?


Nah you can‘t be mad for such a long time


Looking forward to that gundam refix