System/ V.I.V.E.K


lol someone actually posted this on reddit.


confirm’d on my utube channel 2 years ago



i know that alastair guy hes dead sound haha


Hey there, a new one here.

Been listening to dubstep since '09 and have always found out the track ID-s which have been earworming me.

Now I am stuck. VIVEK refused to answer me (it was about two years ago when I tried to identify the songs from his RINSE podcast) and I am still seeking for the answers.

So please, I think that there is no better place for me to ask these ID-s. I hope it is okay for me to ask them and you to help me out : )

So these two tunes there.


And btw, is The Big Bang VIP staying as a dubplate?


First one is Dubtro - Thaut Thin Spirit (appears around the 35:14 mark, tracklist in description).

Second one is Truant - Sludge.