System/ V.I.V.E.K


lol someone actually posted this on reddit.


confirm’d on my utube channel 2 years ago



i know that alastair guy hes dead sound haha


Hey there, a new one here.

Been listening to dubstep since '09 and have always found out the track ID-s which have been earworming me.

Now I am stuck. VIVEK refused to answer me (it was about two years ago when I tried to identify the songs from his RINSE podcast) and I am still seeking for the answers.

So please, I think that there is no better place for me to ask these ID-s. I hope it is okay for me to ask them and you to help me out : )

So these two tunes there.


And btw, is The Big Bang VIP staying as a dubplate?


First one is Dubtro - Thaut Thin Spirit (appears around the 35:14 mark, tracklist in description).

Second one is Truant - Sludge.




Gwaaarn Vivek. Showing the dubstep scene who’s boss


System 026 is Leftlow (that sick wobbly tune Vivek’s been rinsing and a remix by Skeptical 44.20 here

Vivek what are you doing to us


Almost forgot there’s a System next month, not been keeping up so looking forward to hear what’s going on. That Drone release is pretty sick.


System really pushing the sound. Proper releases every damn time. Really happy to know about System. Hyped rn sry


Think you’re getting them mixed up. Viv’s insta story said the wobbly tune was on 027, which is Skeptical and not Leftlow.


Id have to say. Viv is sticking to his words. Pretty sure he said there was going to be at least 12 releases this year if not more.

Really puts medi to shame they have been shit show lately with some really sub par music


Big up system, good to see someone in viveks position still pushing newer artists. Anyone else reaching system next month? New venue is supposed to be good apparently. Will be nice to hear the sinai again, was sick at electric and at the night bug did last week. Wonder what’s happened to viveks rig though


Think Viv’s story got it wrong and it was 026 as the clip he posted was of the Skeptical remix of the wobbly tune. So looks like 026 is a Skeptical / Leftlow collab. Absolutely massive. Also is this the first System release with 3 tracks on it?


Think his rig is having a bit of work done from what I heard at the last System, although it’s been quite a while since then


First would’ve been the asteroids ep


Ah yeah of course, also the only one missing from my collection (also the System Roots releases)


Still need to add the egoless/quest and sleeper plates. Don’t have the system roots and one of the versa ones but I’m not fussed on them tbh


013 has 4 tracks on it too