System/ V.I.V.E.K


well 001 was a 4-tracker


Tracklist for 026 confirms Skeptical Remix


That was 3 innit? Can’t believe I forgot about that tbh haha


ah my bad, you’re right, asteroids/over my head/om unit remix





I was hyped for the Drone release but I’m not feeling the tracks at all. I’ve got his previous releases and they’re much better.

The Leftlow plate however is siiiiick. Lovely stuff.


agreed, not feeling the Drone one at all, thoroughly enjoying the Leftlow wobbly goodness though


i like the drone one, spesh the 1st track, sounds fresh. The leftlow one is proper old skool dubstep banger bizniss, hyped for both tbh


Cluedub is what I’d imagine a video tutorial on how to make a skream song would sound like.

Boa sounds good but again doesn’t feel different enough to make it stand out.

I’m guessing he’s a new producer - sounds like he’s still experimenting and not quite found his own sound yet. Nothing wrong with that and fair play to viv giving new guys a platform, be interesting to see how he progresses. As far as the release goes it’ll probably get boring pretty quickly just because those sounds have been done and nothing different enough to keep it interesting.

Will still buy and hope my opinion changes, I am listening on my phone after all.

But yeah big up Viv - nice to see new guys coming through. Your not gunna get LAS - Tic quality every release if you’re supporting new guys.


Tic is one of the best releases of the last couple years tbh


to qoute @RKM (god rest his soul)

so badly this


what versa plate do u have :eyes:


Rainfall in dub


I agree about Cluedub & Boa … the Skeptical remix on the other hand sounds pretty cool!


Certainly top tier


It’s Fixate and someone else


Leftlow? Really?

I saw fixate and he started off with some 140 bits… this is surprising if so. Not what I expect.


Yep, he used to make dubstep and posted on the old forum as well

this should be the other guy:


Yep check the photo on their FB page