so this Appleblim release, 2 ambient bits on a 3 track 12". it’s not bad music but it just feels a bit weird to me.



quite like those alex coulton bits.


Nomine album minimix, I’m liking it a lot


inside nomine is surprinsingly good. was expecting run of the mill dungeon & tech house tbh.
glad he got rid of those annoying dungeon reeses that ruined his tunes


yeah big man things. proper album, next for horsepower’s :corndance:


also Axh is up next after alex coulton.


been waiting on Stickman for quite some time. also really enjoying 84600, hide & seek, confusion, and shockwaves.


Can’t wait for numbskull


I really liked that one AxH record so I’m excited for new material.


This one’s forthcoming too


^ ah fuck really? nice.

i was honetsly not really a fan of axh’s first tempa, but i was gonna say i’ve had these two dubs sitting in my itunes library for time (as rips i mean) and think they’d make a great release:


wut you mean had these dubs in yer itunes?

I liked his release, I cant really describe why though.


like, 128s off youtube, just for listening in the car and whatnot. (ie literally those exact vids)


Tempa All Stars Vol 2 is one of the best releases


what was that AxH tune that had this vocal sample going “you can roll with me” or something like that


ere we go


not really feeling C but A & B are nasty as we’ve established. what’s with that 7.49 gbp though lol


It’s actually £7.49 without VAT & £8.99 with VAT.


i know, vat doesn’t apply to me though.

i’m more referring to the fact it’s usually 6.66