Nic variation , also finally that distance & yunx tune, still sounding nice considering the age.


woohoo nice to see epoch there


The Epoch tune is huge… this allstars is much better than any of the recent ones.


Sick. Love the Acre and Epoch tune especially.


Yeah easily the best dubstep-related package of the year so far (even though the deep heads comp was very good too.)


lol these clips have me so hyped right now


not feeling. defo the worst in the series so far
that cliques tune would be nice without the wobs


The audio clips made me very hyped! Acre, epoch, cliques & fracture!!


woke up to Fracture Excalibur in my head, knew it had to be from Youngst Nov. 3 Rinse, threw it on heard ‘excalibur by fracture forthcoming on Tempa records, All stars EP, featuring tracks by myself distance Cliques and more.’ big news sounds a bit different than last Allstars EPs, wondered if it been mentioned on DSF, saw that it was on RedEye thanks to leelulz bigup. insta bagged. consumerism at it’s finest. no listening to any samples, love it like that. big up for heads up





dont really find any of the tunes that exciting. the epoch one is interesting, +1 on the clique tune being better if it didnt have those wobbles, fracture tune is the only one im really feeling but I feel like its missing something, maybe some more percussion and shit


I’ve been after that Youngsta/Distance Collab now for ages. Lovely tune. I like the mix of genres this time around. I think it’s already significantly better than last years compilation.


love that epoch bit, diggin that cliques bit too. excited as tho rinse that epoch tune


Markee Ledge - Dream / Underground Railroad forthcoming Tempa 2016
looking forward to this, love the beats & conscious samples, heart wrenching


that underground railroad tune is garbage. sounds like really bad amateur-ish techno and those samples are cringe af
tempa were on a hot streak for a while but that seems to be over now






is it 130?


Its fucking housey but that ‘Change’ dubplate is on there that bashed up System 1st birthday @TrendyGrime @Johnlenham @Riddles


wow, unexpected.


another forthcoming bit