Feeling this


Change is defo the largest track on there imo. Boardwalk Emperor is a solid tune as well. And the only other non-house tune is Criminally Insane - jungle banger.


…“Give Up Art drew on the visual language of law enforcement — creating rolls of custom printed ‘Police tape’. Each plain, unprinted 12” sleeve is wrapped by hand in the tape, sealing in the discs, and making each pressing unique."

Sounds cool but it might be a pain to unwrap.


Alex Coulton
Ambush / Direction


Kinda disappointed with the Horsepower LP tbh. Not much fresh stuff on there. Still, execution is solid.

Thoughts on the October/Appleblim record? I kinda like it; especially 'blims version. Reminds me a bit of his Skull Disco 12" with Peverelist and early Applepips.


yeah appleblim’s version is a bit better but idk the record sounds like an update on the bristol tech house they were releasing a couple of years back


Cliques - Dotted EP
Released: May 6th

A1. Dotted
A2. Untitled
B1. Dotted (Dro Carey Remix)
B2. 8th


finally got around to checking this out. not really feeling it tbh. seems disjointed and like they were trying more to cram in all their influences. the only standout tune is the last one and even that one’s meh, specially considering these dudes were affiliated with no u-turn back in the day


Boardwalk Emporer and Change are good as well imo. maybe not standouts I suppose especially since it’s Horsepower. I think it just seems a bit “off” to people when they make halfstep but if Tempa put Change out as a 12" it woulda been the most popular Tempa record since, idk, maybe Blind Man I guess?


Blind man wasnt even that popular for a long time as far as I can tell. Mala plays it on BR tho and :rocket:


which is ridiculous and tells you everything you need to know


Haha pretty much.

Not saying it isnt a decent tune, lot of fun to mix


problem is Yunx battered the tune to death before it got released, good that it doesn’t happen with the newer Tempa stuff

+1 on fun to mix


cliques ep is fucking great
haven’t been this excited about a tempa record since like 2010 srs


that Dro Carey remix could’ve been so much better though… and most of the rest sounds like subtle Hodge to me (which still is a good thing).


idk man imo this is the best 130 or w/e shit tempa put out so far


yeah but it’s been a while since the Tempa seal of approval was worth anything. :corntard:

and imo Caught / Collide made for more excitement in the dance.


never heard them out so fair enough
tho i fail to see how. caught sounds like a long intro and collide, while it is cool, it’s def not as hype as the alex coulton or hodge & facta tunes or this cliques ep. but it’s w/e


how do you mean stamp of approval worth anything? coz they dont release bait “Jah step unquantized limited pre order vinyl only one press white label” records? come now


That’s probably not what he means.