The Original Growl Bass Thread (Official)


Thanks a ton dude! I was thinking of the first bass in the drop of Au5’s Follow You VIP. I’d tell you the specific time but I don’t have headphones atm…


i could make this better ,but for now


Over shot what I wanted but here it is anyway


yo miesh, i hope you don’t mind me skinning, but how did you get that vowel so deep and present. would it be an vowel eq?certain vowel eq plugin?


Made all these growls and wubs in reason 8!At 2.24 you can hear also dodge and fuski’s distress signal sound!




So i made this

If you want to know how to make the growls, scroll up. All the information on how to make this is in this thread somewhere


Funny information …lol
Which synth is it ?


so a while ago I asked if anyone had cracked the Au5 growl (not the phaser bass Xoll!) and no one really had, so I tried it myself and here’s how it came out:

Made in massive


Sorta both, I used two styles of processing

It helps to understand how a sound resonates against other objects and how one does inside the membrane of a body or throat. The Mouth does this very well. I have done some more intense sound lately and one thing I recommend is not putting dry/wet knobs on 100% all the time(even though I did here). Doing this will leave Much less un phased harmonics and signal.

Other things I do now based off of other artists

Resonating : Skrillex once said the voice is like a human synth, everyone has a different one.
Noisia one showed how you can use other materials to replace artifacts you want (see noisia bass secrets videos)
Zomboy likes to have a clean signal to resonate.
Resampleing : Skrillex & Diplo will use effects on a sound while it is pitched down then pitch it up later. It works if you know what is being going to shift up later on.
Noisa does this with a long ass bass sample then puts it into a sampler to get the reese effect
Zomboy resamples EVERYTHING so there is a very small signal delay, this delay can be the difference between a clean and muddy sound

BandPassing: I can safely say Barely alive does this a lot, If you remember that one serum patch that sounded like theirs and have experimented with it long enough, Its a clean sound where it only getting distorted when it needs to. Layering them with a phaser or Bandreject/Bandstop is good to keep you sound from having too much distortion on some resonant areas.
OTT: Knowing where to use it helps so much, I use them after bandpasses so an effect I have between it will be cleaner
I use 2-4 per chain or render
Superfast or Slow LFOs: depending on your dry/wet and effet this can be a great way to even out your hi end or mids

Try out every mode your effect has, some reverbs have differnt settings, same as phaser, flangers, saturators and so on

Use shity root sounds and make them the best you can.


I made a thing

its all serum with some random free live drum samples

Here’s something that uses an uninteresting massive growl patch combined with the Fruity Vocoder. It’s actually useful believe it or not.

Also using a heavy deep and slightly low passed chorus on growls tend to bring out interesting sounds.

Going to spend some time today making noise. Ill post if it gets interesting


If you just so happen to use Fl 12 with serum, here’s something neat

heres the flp with all stock effects

fuck im bored


you guys should try to learn to make other types of shit


I made a Christmas track for a friend some time ago. It’s quite a bit outside my norm, but its “other types of shit”

Lets hear your other types of shit


Sounds bait af bruv…

But can you people maybe get into some of the newer dubstpep shit or grime shit instead of copying the same boring skrillex growls?


So instead of bumping the thread with new ideas, that’s what you post? Whats your point? Why does Skrillex own all the growls(or rather why is everything a “Skrillex Growl”)?

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Post a recent example you’ve made


Because this whole thread is just a bunch of ■■■■■■ circlejerking eachother to cheesy dubstep that sounds like shit that was made half a decade ago.


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Hey all, pretty new to this forum but saw the thread and figured it was the right place to post…

Check this out for some help with your midrange basses…

Much love



That’s actually really cool