The Original Growl Bass Thread (Official)


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Meh…I wouldn’t worry about it. People here are just trying to learn a certain type of bass. This thread has always been a bit of a pissing match but if you ignore that stuff there are some decent tidbits here and there.


big up for showing the forum something useful!


any info on that juicy phasor(s)? sounds soo good :slight_smile:


GUYS I need some help here, I would love to use this sound in a song but I just haven’t been able to get right. It’s the upgraded yoi sound at 1:02. if you guys could help me out i would be sooo grateful.


i actually made a tutorial on my channel on something like that:


Hey there, new guy to the forum. I’ve never joined any new dubstep community forums so I thought this would be a good one. Here’s a growl I made way back like 3 or 2 months ago or more I don’t remember. Feel free to ask any questions.


suh dude


every time i want to make a sound in fm8, i open it up and im like wtf am i doing.i know this might sound stupid, why do people choose fm8 over massive or serum? does fm give a certain quality?
is it easier to post process? when you go to fm8 are you trying to do random stuff, or is there a wrong and right to fm8? these are some questions I’ve been asking myself. if anyone has some knowledge of this pls reply :slight_smile: .


It’s all in personal preference, I for one like FM8 because well I like to experiment with different synthesizers just to try them out and get different results with synths. As for the post processing, the fx chain I had for that growl is pretty large but it’s an old synth and I used to use a lot of post processing back then. As for the random stuff it’s sort of just diving in and trying out a lot of different methods and processes, it’s good to come up with theories as you go along too like “ok this sounds like this if I use a saw wave, how would it sound if I used a sine instead?” stuff like that. You just mess with everything and try out new things that are out of the norm when you are sound designing.


Would you mind going into details on how you made this? This is the kind of processing I’m looking for, especially because the sound I use, needs improvement in the overall sound quality. The vowel on mine is the best I’ve ever done, but the way yours is processed would make mine sound so much better.

#1333 you can see what I mean


What mostly gives my growl more vowel movement is the amount of EQ modulation I gave it to the lower vowel region, it has like 3 EQs and the amount of OTT I put in it. Pitch bending also helps with getting more vowel movements, an Auto Filter can also help with giving a synth more accents, things such as a Highpass for example. Nothing that complex, just basic processing.


nice man, could u show an example of these vowel eq mods? like a screenshot or something?


It’s a pretty simple technique I learned it from here.


I think that with FM synths, you can texturize the sound a lot better. In order to get FM8 to work, make sure you have your FX chain all in order and then go back and mess with the operators. FM8 on it’s own is completely useless unless you get filters going after it.


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thanks man, that really helps!


I just wanna say how helpful you and this video have been for me. I took a day to just mess around with fm8 and eq vowel modulation and boy did I make some wicked cool sounds, they are even starting to reach desembra/omegamode level basses! EQ vowel modulation has absolutely taken a new meaning for me. I’ll upload some samples soon.

P.S. Modulation the peak EQ in fm8 can give you some wicked vowels.


Hey mate :slight_smile: it’s actually a filter that creates the phasing sound… Check out fabfilters Volcano…