The Original Growl Bass Thread (Official)


thanks man , that really helps! :slight_smile:


Ahh haha, glad to see you received help from me and the tutorial! I haven’t tried out modulating the peak EQ inside of FM8, I’ve only used it to beef up some frequencies I found to be weak.


Just one of the many cool basses I made with fm8. I have it played with drums at the end.


Nice, although it sounds a bit damped, it could use more highs and it sounded to me like one of virtual riot’s growls.


Yeah, I haven’t done much as far as stereo imaging/post eqing/etc. There is also a modulated highpass on the bass which VR uses a lot.


Hey, i have been practicing on my sound design skills for making all sorts of dubsteppy stuff for my music, here’s one clip off from one of the latest projects i have going on:

As the video says, that is in fact a small side project that i started on making from the original house version (that will be on the full Sunshine EP upload), just took off the house beat and made dubstep beat for a replacement, also took off the house saw melody and stuff, but left the drone, growl and screech sound designs. Mostly used Serum (have used as some designs are from earlier on) for designs but some are from Massive. Any advice or opinions?

Also, off-topic what do you think of the video? Been practicing also my photoshop and after effects skills, not just composing, Fl Studio and sound design with several plugins


Not sure if this one is a game changer:confused:

but pm or Skype me if you want to know the secret trick:)


that is probably fm8, vowel eq, distortion, ott. etc…


People are tired of newcomers making 50 new threads per month on the same subject


lots and lots of EQ mod
like, if you think you’ve overdone your EQ mod, you haven’t done enough
So much. Notches, Peaks, High Passes, Parallel Bandpass, Bandreject, Formant, everything
So much of it
Do it


Been focusing on I.T. and school for the past few months and I finally got back into making stuff. This was a bass I made in Harmor


thats amazing man I love it


I made this in about an hour mainly using FM8 and stock Ableton plugins. The secret is to resample and pitch it down a bit to get some nice lower formants.


here is another example of that secret high end


Thanks for providing that massive preset, gonna check it out!


You can get that effect easily with other synthesizers, Spire is one of them.


Hi Guys.

I teach Music production Ableton Logic and maschine if anybody is interested.I also mix and master tracks


“Secret high end” = Saturator with a custom waveshaper curve; If you are trying to flex at least do it with something that isn’t common knowledge or maybe just help other people lol


I’ve never heard of people doing that to get that sort of effect, the way to get it is easy (If I remember correctly). In one of FM8’s oscillators you set the pitch to at least either 24 or 36 and it gives off a high screech, you can get that effect easy with Massive’s sample and hold effect. I haven’t used FM8 in a long time so pardon me if I am wrong.


what do you think I’ve been doing… I’ve been posting tutorials for the past 2 years. my whole music production life is based on helping people. i told you if you want to learn it add me on Skype because its kinda hard to explain the whole fabfilter volcano patch.