The Original Growl Bass Thread (Official)


ye no because the pitch changes when you do a pitch bend


Says the guy that tells other people to help others yet doesn’t give help to anyone himself and claims to have received a leaked copy of Spitfya’s chain - which if you did, you still aren’t helping anyone else out on here. Hypocrite.

Okay guys, common fucking knowledge, thanks to a particular member everyone found out about the so called, “secret plugins” (corpus and nitro) I’m sorry, but they are not used. I’m not saying this to try and lead you astray from the typical “Skrillex growl” but in all honesty, you can achieve one with ableton stock effects. Everyone has to fucking understand that these plugins aren’t what makes your growl.

Think of it like a sandwich, you start with your top slice of bread which is your Synth. (FM8, Massive, Serum, etc) and then your ingredients in the middle are all your processing (auto filter, ott, phasers, frequency shifter erosion, vinyl distortion are some examples…) I’m not going to say what you can and can’t use because everything is useful if used properly and in it’s own way and you get the whole idea.


good point syrant :slight_smile: serious question here. if i were to just to use abletons plugins it would not give a skrillexy effect. there gotta be some sort of chemistry between two or more plugins that gets that kind of effect right? and with fm8, I’ve been wondering how a dry fm8 patch would sound like. you know what i mean? because whenever i go into fm8 there is always some sort of phase cancellation and problems that mess up the sound in general. glad to see i back buddy :smile:

#1369 All ableton stock effects for the processing for the growls including fm8 :slight_smile:

The way I did it as opposed to other people’s method was by splitting up the growl into layers, I did it like this ->

Lows -> Auto filter to cut everything above 80-120 hz (Sub purposes)

Mids -> Auto filter again to get the mid frequencies, plus an autofilter with high res (like you would normally do to get the basic growl effect) and

Highs -> Auto filter + Other effects to try and get that “secret high end” LMAO this may include erosion, flanger, vinyl distortion

Vowel Movement -> EQ Automation (Vowels + Autofilter) etc

It’s just simple and then process all the effects with ott etc and BAM


amazing man!


I feel like I have to explain this to you every time you pop up, I don’t have a “leaked” copy of anything, I have brain cells, patience and practice. Most of everything you know has come from you bottom feeding off of flumpy, who got the scraps of information he has from Karl lmao. Please don’t get bum blasted because I figured things out on my own, I.e; read this fucking thread and see that I suggested to everyone to try PSP nitro before animemeish even made an appearance.

I’ve posted numerous times in this thread, fuck I even started it, helping other people. - And I can tell you, that just stock effects won’t give you a “magic skrillex growl”, hell you can make some decent stuff with just stock, but you and I both know that’s not true. Skrillex invented his style through copying Noisia, do you honestly believe that Noisia who have some of the best sound design out there relied on entirely stock plugins? Fuck no. Literally no one that knows anything posts here because all that’s ever posted is people flexing or trying to show off their growls with no hint of insight.


“I don’t have a “leaked” copy of anything.” - Well you just contradicted yourself there buddy, you said to me whilst I was on a call with flumpy that you LITERALLY managed to find a link to spitfya’s growl chain. Just admit it. + I don’t doubt at all that anime told you a bunch of shit too.

Everything I know has come from me bottom feeding of Flumpy? lmao. You can’t be serious, you do understand that Flumpy does not tell ANYONE about how he makes his growls and why should he, he developed his own method from the ground up and found his own stuff to use. Tbh, the growl that I made was my own method using knowledge I have learnt through my time INCLUDING videos posted on this forum, yes I may have found a few leaks of corpus being used or psp nitro being in someone’s plugin folder in videos on youtube but you know what? it’s honestly shit and I hope you’re aware of that. Yes maybe there are some plugins that HELP you get certain artefacts for the growl but there’s no holy grail.

I actually find it really funny how you and the people in your little producer circle all managed to “discover” how to make the growl you have now but none of you would happily share it out to the public; and you say that vexon isn’t helping other people… Why don’t someone who “knows” how to do it help others too? ahem. Valiant. Oh and don’t get me wrong here I’m not saying to just release an entire chain but maybe some actual descriptive and in-depth help for others here may actually be appreciated other than coming on here to bring others down watching them struggle whilst laughing behind a pc screen flexing your “figured things out on my own” growls.

I’m not saying stock effects will give you a magical skrillex growl, but neither would psp nitro or corpus… You do understand that right? There’s not some super secret plugin out there that turns a fucking 3xosc sine into a SMNS growl. There are different ways of achieving them… and it’s funny because most of the people who have similar growls probably found different ways of achieving it the way skrillex himself would’ve. I don’t really see your hints around here anywhere lmao

You literally told me on discord these…
Valiant Steals.
Valiant shit talking about Karl.
Valiant sends me link to Spitfya stream with his corpus configuration
Valiant steals, yet again from Karl
Oops, more evidence that Valiant steals off Karl.
So if you want to say that I bottom feed off of Flumpy, you’ve got another thing coming broski <3

Oh and this is for you vexon
My fm8 patch I used for that growl


this patch shows the power of post processing. you made an amazing growl out of such a simple patch man! its great! :smile:


lmao dude you’ve got to try harder than that, selective screenshots out of context from what? 10 months to a year ago are great. Come on kid, try a little more, put some effort in.


Still doesn’t change the fact that you’re a fake ass bitch :))


the roast session is real XD


“Fake ass bitch”, from taking out of context screenshots from a year ago before I even talked to Karl, where you begged me and several others for any scraps of information because you’re incapable of any sort of decent sound design. Dude simmer down, you were isolated from several discords because you’re renowned for being a baby that cries when he doesn’t get what he wants. Why don’t you have another waa waa and quit music again? lmao, sad that you have to jump on the attack; Please if you’d like some help with your sound design or production you just have to ask man, I’d be happy to help you out, this just isn’t the right way to go about it.

If you want to try and ‘roast’ someone, please at least get your information straight because 90% of the shit you’ve dribbled out is laughable at best, but no surprise that you of all people would try and start petty beef over fucking growls lol dude get a life.




the official growl bass thread has turned into the official roast thread XD


You’re saying for me to have another waa waa and quit music again, tbh that’s got nothing to do with this conversation and in fact, me quitting was a personal problem with life so it’s got nothing to do with you. :))

Flumpo - Yesterday at 11:35 PM
He’s a bottom feeding ■■■■■■ and legit told us he stole Karl’s method
And the. Said Karl gave it to him
Then said he found a leak

Dude, seriously stop trying to hide the fact that you’re just fake and the, “knowledge” you know is your own when you clearly have said you;

  1. steal everything you see of spitfya’s (from streams, videos, pictures etc)
  2. That Karl GAVE his chain to you TO THEN claim that you found a leak of his chain…
  3. Shit talk about the very person you get your stolen knowledge from…

I’ve got nothing to really worry about, you stated that I’m just a baby that cries when he doesn’t get what he wants yet I have what I want lol. I’ve made a growl that I’m happy with, yeah it’s not skrillex but I don’t fucking care :slight_smile: I got my own method and shit out of it whereas half of you people are still using psp nitro and corpus lmao.

The only thing I’m actually pissed off about is that everybody in here who doesn’t know how to do somewhat decent growls have to sit there whilst everyone else boasts about theirs. Which is why I’m asking to please just fucking help the people who need it here. Actual descriptive and in-depth information would be more than helpful for people like vexon. But there’s no need to attack others here when you and I were once in the same boat.

That being said, I’m done with this argument because you’re clearly not going to admit that you’re wrong and bringing up irrelevant shit like me quitting because of life problems isn’t solving anything here.


honestly, i think you got it down man. your growl sounds almost exactly like that skrillex growl virtual riot made.its soon good man


hey, i know my growls suck, but at least i made my own ways.


warning: syrant and spiderpubes - bring this drama to pm if you want, but end it in this thread


Can you delete my account?


Anybody who actually wants help I’ll be on discord. Syrant#2366