The Original Growl Bass Thread (Official)


for vowel automation i use 2 instances of filterscape. i don’t know if this is a good method anymore because i have lost hope in my growls. how would you go on with vowel filters. its always been confusing for me because i day i like the growl then the next day i always point out the small problems the scrap the whole growl. ive shown this growl before but i just wanted your opinion on my filer game.


i know that growl sucks, i literally made it with like 4 effects. it was just an example growl.i wasn’t trying to “flex” because that growl is shiiiiit.


I’ve been fucking around a lot with serum lately and honestly the “Skrilly” wavetable from the virtual riot serum preset pack is fucking sick. It has a really thick, guttural sound.


Well Done Syrant,you killed that stupid Spider bitch !! ;O


Been talking with Syrant lately and thanks to him i learnt things i didn’t know before about processing.
These are the results. For any help just ask me :slight_smile:


For all of you nerds that want a growl project for Ableton. Here is one of mine.


Guys I need your help! I’ve got some of the basic processing down for an SMNS growl, but I can’t for the life of me figure out how to get that little distortion screech thing he has. Can anyone here tell me or should I keep trying to figure it out.

This is what I have so far: (Ignore the bad mixing, I’ve been working with shitty headphones for like a month)


Oh thanks a ton man. You mind explaining what you mean by breaking it into bands?


Ill just leave this here (i explain how i made this a little while ago if you want to find out)
(screenshots included for lazypeople) (mostly)


Well this thread became very savage very quick


Shame I never recorded the voice from discord. There is more shit and using screenshots is very one sided. Especially seeing they are taken from literally 8 months ago. But hey if talking shit is bad then literally dragging someone into a call to bully him is even worse.


So uh… can we go back to growls and stuff that’s actually relevant to the thread?


Also I’m New here and this is mah “skrolex grullz” at 0:57


hey, thats pretty good. too bad its wow filter tho


I don’t see what’s wrong with that


theres nothing wrong with it, its just you could make it more unique by making your own formant filters/eq modulation


I Did, It’s just that I use wow filter as a way to sort of boost the vowels a bit more


yeah I just think the wow filter is taking away from the original vowel sound you had probably intended


made this cool little guy in a massive patch and 9 effects


well I did make this

Most people over saturate their sounds with effects and they come out all noisy and shit sounding. Maybe a simpler approach is better?