The Original Growl Bass Thread (Official)


Anyone know how to make these sounds, specifically the first one?

ripped from a Spag Heddy song,

I remember i made something really close to the first one a year ago in serum but has since gotten deleted with my old computer and cant remember how i made it.


forget the last sound, but i made a shitty attempt at

random growly wavetable with high pass sweep and some resonance

I think it mainly has to do the wavetable?

and some fine tuning of the filter?


Hi, Nice to meet you. Im a Dubstep producer namely ZWZ.

I made an tutorial video for the first time.
It’s about How to Make Herobust Style Dubstep Sound on Barely Alive - Poison Dart (BUSTED by Herobust) with Massive and Serum.

Im glad if you have a time to check it and let me know what you think!


I learned something new from it so thanks for that dude!


Thank you for watching it!
Im glad to hear those words!


Made an adair-esque bass in Serum.

Here is the preset for reverse engineering goodness!

This preset is very FX dependent. The vanilla sound itself is lacking, though it ain’t half bad ;D, so in order to make it sound ASEOUHFUBEL you gotta add dat FX.

Here is my FX chain

So the control surface is binded to the main growl mod wheel, the first parametric EQ, and the last eq. Everything else is static. The first parametric EQ boosts the vowel frequencies to emphasize the yummy WOWAEUOUEOUE sound. OTT is pretty self explanatory, just mess with it till you get something tasty. Can’t explain the ohmicide because I just kept hitting the fruity loops randomize feature until I heard something I liked. The second Parametric EQ boosts the 330ish and the 1340ish frequencies. Gave it some nice vowel boost. I have no idea why the compressor is there, because it literally does nothing (i checked). Finally I added some reverb, a limiter, and a final eq. The final eq modulates opposite of everything else. As the control surface modwheel moves up, the eq boost moves down the frequency spectrum. Starts at around 2700 then goes down to just about 330.

Anyways, hope you guys are successful in becoming a skrlx please write me when u becum da famous


Cool! never thought of modulating the wavetable of the bass im FM-ing from since i normally default to FM with basic shapes


Here is also the bass in context

I was messing around with the same bass I uploaded to zippy and was able to make it almost into a square whomp. Sounds almost barely alive-ish. Pay no heed to the terrible composition (i’m not used to producing in the bass-heavy dubstep genre)

All the basses in the clyp is the same bass with an automation clip on the wavetable that changes it into a whompish like bass. Just another example that can potentially help you in the future, if you want to make another bass you don’t necessarily have to create a new bass but just use automation to change an old one :slight_smile:


That sounds really kickass. I’ll be experimenting with some of this in the next hour.

And while im at it, built this today using the serum patch posted below. It’s not the flatbrim dubstep you usually hear, but if anyone finds it useful that would be cool


Can’t believe this thread is still going. 1331 fucking posts + probably equal amount on the old forum.


Hey guys, I’m new to this forum, so forgive me if someone else has posted this already, but how about the lead growl thing at the drop? I have Serum and Massive, but I can’t quite get that feel


Made this growl today, idk anymore kill me


Hey im new here but ive been making Dubstep for awhile. What are everyone’s favorite plugins for growl basses lel?


Hey can anyone explain dubplates to me? Been hearing about them and I only know the Google definition haha


The name dubplate also refers to an exclusive, ‘one-off’ acetate disc recording pioneered by reggae sound systems but also used by drum and bass and other electronic music producers, DJs and sound systems.

These dubplates will often be either unreleased recordings (which may or may not end up being made available to the general public) or exclusive versions or remixes of existing recordings. They are often used as a market research tool to assess the probable sales of a tune once it is released, as they are far cheaper to produce than a pressed vinyl record. However, because the material of the disc is very soft, the groove is worn out little by little with every playback. After about fifty plays the loss in sound quality becomes noticeable.

  • Wikipedia


Also, I can imagine some people who want to sound cool, do use the word “dubplate” for every unreleased track regardless of it being vinyl or wav/mp3. Wouldn’t be surprised since vinyl not an industry standard anymore.


Does anyone here use spire or electrax?


Also what should my processing chains consist of? Cause I normally just process very little


Thanks m808


Dude, did you read what I just wrote some time ago? Literally every type of growl has been discussed on this thread. The original thread (on the old dubstepforum) has even more stuff (arguably more helpful stuff), including some tips from “hookjunior”, (the other half of the duo you currently know as Barely Alive). This thread over here is more of a circle jerk than the last one.

If it’s not there, then go to Seamless, Virtual Riot, whatever. Growls have been raped to the death so hard that there’s basically at least one tutorial for every single type growl on earth. Of course there’s no shortcut for quality but at least it’s a start.