The Original Growl Bass Thread (Official)


Oh shit sorry. I told you I’m new.


Well now you know


Every now and then I come in here for some reason. Feel really old then leave


My favorite is the fruity granulizer. Layering two or three together for some out of the box sounds is really neat. Serum is fun too


Dont think he is part of barely alive anymore


Really? Too lazy to google, what happened?


Idk, hes just never in any of the videos or snaps. you just dont see him anymore. idfk what actually happened though. Not sure if theres anything about it either


why is this dead now :frowning:


didn’t you hear? dubstep is dead


There is a lot of information in this thread already, and if you’d like even more you can check the first iteration of this thread here;


Since you put it like that, dubstep died before this thread died.

And I think people are bringing it the comment section of Yt.

EDIT: or Reddit or some shit.


I was just joking…people still making bangers :gunfinger:


Is that just a youtube comment joke or for real? I always sort of wonder about them because it would really suck to be in a duo and watch the other guy get all of the credit at the shows. I would feel…Barely Part of the Project :laughing:


same here


Yo guys some of you suggested volumeshaper 4 to me a while ago. I have it now and I was wondering how I could do like ghost kick compression with it?


I’m sorry


What are you sorry about exactly?


Just a prank bro


Huge Skrillex Growls !!! And the winner is …:slight_smile:


Haven’t tried to make an actual growl before and kinda figured out how to do it in 30 minutes lmao…I made the base sound in fm8 and then post processed it a lot. I put the progression of the growl too, so maybe that will help you when you make your own growls. I know for a fact that I need to work on eqing to get the vowels to sound perfect, but I think this is a good first attempt :stuck_out_tongue: