The Original Growl Bass Thread (Official)


heyy guys I realize this thread has gone to shit but I think you’ll still be able to appreciate this


Just did this, I used really strange techniques, no phasers in this one :slight_smile:


Listen to the growls at the end of the track:




Hey dude,Sup :wink:


Trash 2 isn’t very strange tbh


Especially the convolve option :wink:


So i started a new song today and i think i accidentally remake a Rifle Blow Kiss kinda growl. You can hear it at 0:05 Feel free to ask any information

#1461 Could be better, kinda sounds like omegamode/desembra and maybe skrillex :slight_smile: pitch bend is hard to get right but I’m really proud of this growl actually kinda sounds like virtual riot too :slight_smile:

more of the same growl


Sick growls! They’re sounding really good, nice track too


Going into the Serum settings menu and resampling your bass sound to OSC A or B will give you a completely new wavetable. This is dope as fuck also if you combine this with Remap on your resampled OSC and FM on your other OSC you will start getting some very very different sounds straight away, if you want to add to the craziness tune your Oscillators with crazy coarse pitch combinations by ear and don’t be afraid to put your basses out of tune, use the key tracker on your filter as well that can be handy for snapping to your key frequencies. This is just how i’ve been making crazy growls lately, i’ll upload some clips if you want to hear.


Nice one man :slight_smile: is it Serum ?
Any information about the processing ?


It is Serum :slight_smile:
You just have to find the right Wavetable, the rest as you can see is regular post processing. You can find all the info’s in this forum, that’s how i learned to make this kind of bass :slight_smile:


can melt steel beams <


Good one Nero…that actually sounds identical to the one in Frim / BA’s new tune Somebody’s Cream.


Bit of frequency splitting and automation.


couldn’t care less and haven’t for a long time, those who are still going for it. Here’s something that could get you started… (PSP NITRO) [Not created by me]

Merry Christmas.

P.S. Don’t expect me to be on dsf any longer to see any replies. I’ll be completely abandoning this account. I thought I’d give back to this thread for the info buried beneath the shitstorm of bullshit and petty flexing, drama and arguments (some of which I may have been involved with myself)

But anyway, this either works/helps you or it doesn’t. Simple as that and again finally, merry christmas.


Thanks for the feedback @Volt_Punk


Used Operator to make this…yes…Operator
Operator is probably the same as fm8.
But fm8 is waaay more complex and you have like 8 osc. to fm with.
But for a growl like this you only need 2-4 Osc.
The Thing is to FM SineWaves Together (thats what operator does oc.)
Then Overdrive the highs and add some basic things like Phaser And ofcourse a Highpass (imo Autofilter because i use Ableton) then play around with it and you will get what you get

(for those who wonder, heres the growl without postprocessing:

Hope it helped you abit…bb


It sounds good. As always less is more :slight_smile: