The Original Growl Bass Thread (Official)


Can we please leave this thread in 2016?


Thanks for Nitro sir…any chance you have Jbridge too?


Finally figured out a decent SMNS growl.

Only took me 5 years.


Thats about how long it takes to read through this thread :cold_sweat:


The textures sound good, it’s crispy enough but the vowels aren’t so strong imo. Anyway it’s pretty fine :ok_hand:t2:


Ohh, I thought it was you.

Winter says hi


Nah, I ruined it , ill fix it


i made this tutorial for the gem shards bass, anyone gotten closer to the real thing?


hey miesh


this is pretty damn close


if you guys are interested, i will be making a tutorial on this when i finish moving .




Yo hit my uup on skype

#1488 I
I was trying to make a wave dash style track and this was the fun I got, so its this ong ass distorted FM layered with a saw and reverb filter on keytrack.


I made 2 new basses that u may have heard in quite a lot of songs, or kinda like em…enjoy!

as always, feel free to ask “almost” everything :smile:


Haas effect that shit to make it sound robo


Sounds cool! Definitely reminds me of "Like a B****"
I love the “tightness” of the bass’s modulation.




Here’s another one :slight_smile: Remind me a bit of KTN style. Et Voilà :innocent:


i was referring to what i was talking about a while back soz haha