The techno thread



jeez, that tune is monstrous, thanks for the heads up on that!

edit: the whole ep bangs


so sick, bc-esque stabs b2b electro drums


dang, thats big, I’d prob pitch it down if owned the record tho haha


same although it might go well with a few older 140 bits i have. in the mix i found it in its pitched up to like 150 lol


wish I could techno but just cant.




fuck this is great

why couldn’t more people with some inspiration have done grime refixes last year, this totally slipped past me


if I hear this kick in one more “leftfield techno / house” tune I’ll shoot someone.


Yeah it sounds like he jacked the drums from Greg Beato.
Nice tune though.


this actually sounds vaguely familiar, but not sure if it’s the original or just this tune…


Here’s another goody


sample’s from skepta - that’s not me i think

jrk making kick drums is boring af haha i’m gonna find that one and make a ton of tunes with it and send you on a murderous spree

really like that guys oofunkyoo youtube channel the mall grab ones hosted on, range of shit plenty of nice sound 4x4

was digging the mall grab 1080p 12 too, do they always do a free dl from those? noticed it on the baikal one too


pretty sure i’ve heard the tune before, though it reminds me of that Last Japan “Till da Morning Comes” chune.


should have named it this




this is def the wrong thread but, we don’t seem to have 1 for really slow goa trance shit



Cringe thread. Cringe.


Did this ever get released?