The techno thread


thought it went up as a digi download a while ago but i think i’m wrong actually


Fair. This one goes. Sampled the same track as Mala - Alicia. Dude knows his shit!


it was free dl jess, check the youtube description on my link, there’s a mediafire link


I did but I could only find social media links.


how odd, i dl’d it from there when i posted that 3 weeks ago, must have been taken down maybe it’s forthcoming then?

i got the ting still so pm me tomorrow if ya want it


yeah i thought i remembered that as well, then saw the lack of link.

on his tweeter it says it “may” be forthcomign


been playing this one a lot




giegling night at village underground tonight, was amaaazing

they’d like kinda done the venue up a bit with candles all along the left wall was a nice vibe and the djing was immense


Nubian Mindz vs Nu Era


Sunil Sharpe RA mix goes hard.


Anyway I can get the DL as well?


yeah i’ll do that, anyone else wanting it hmu




I only rate maybe three or four giegling records outside the Staub Serie and didn’t like most of the stuff they released in the past few years, but their sets have always done it for me. Who was playing?


VRIL (live)
Kettenkarussell (live)
Dj Dustin
Sa Pa

had to look it up had 0 clue who i actually saw, top night out though


Konstantin is next level.

Similar tip


label name skrong

tune is fucking sick too


tune name is fat shaming though