The techno thread


Oh shit Zenker Brothers are coming to red-line your mixer :slight_smile:
Seriously though looking forward to all of those, especially
Sunil Sharpe and Morelli.


wasn’t into that tbh but got some other mote evolver records from planetary assault system, marcel fengler, shifted


out to the extended set fam


bafe btill





Warehouse Sessions - 017 - Zenker Brothers


Bringing this for sound check on Saturday for sure.


fucking sick! sorry if this was already posted, just randomly stumbled on this


Does anyone know if that swamp 81 merchandise will be available again? (The t shirts and sweatshirts)


one of the best sets i have seen


My avatar and I agree with this sentiment.


Oh is it dsha un tour avatar? That woman is :100::100::100: she was in thecrowd dancing after and i talked with her and she was relly Nice


Awesome. She plays my fav track of the year at 57:00 btw. It’s by dotwav.


How is it called


‘Tremor’. Bought the digital on bandcamp I think.


oh shit big tune, when i heard that tune i thought damn i wish i had a playlist. cheers! you know any other?’


this is one of the tunes of the years for me.
also SOS Gunver releasing soon on contort looking foward for that. big up samuel kerridge


She plays Hyginus by Dino Sabatini at some point. Also heard Surgeon’s
version of Exiting the Milkyway.

That WSR tune is new to me. Very nice.