The techno thread


Don’t talk about encouraging people to make healthy decisions like it’s a bad thing.

Also considering the label name it’s probably metaphorical.



new BH mix apparently from complete unknown, i’m so into this, it’s heavy and dark as fuck

is this all unknown tunes as well? i really don’t know shit about techno


Seems to be fairly obscure stuff yeah. Think there’s a few Opal Tapes releases there though.
Definitely recognized Prostitutes. Future Sound of London is also in there with kind
of an after hours tune I can look that up tomorrow.


That track is called Pod Room.


OB Ignitt & Omar S delivering the goods on this beautiful slowburner.


need to get round to listening to new omar s album

that i wanna know instrumental tune was a fave of last year


New Function track makes up the teaser for the upcoming Infrastructure compilation
’Facticity’. Clean, melodic track as we’ve come to expect:


Tomorrow I’m on the road pretty much the whole day. Looking for some dub techno mixes. Anyone? :smiley:


Way late on this, but there’s some old stuff from In Aeternam Vale that comes to mind.
It was released recently on Minimal Wave, but it’s more of a dub techno sound
than ebm or synth wave.

Korridor’s stuff on Northern Electronics is also pretty solid.




These guys make some serious weighty tunes.

New Bjarki is also interesting. Much better than ‘I wanna go bang’, I don’t get the
hype about that track.

Working tonight. Florian Kupfer on the bill, should be good.



Maybe more house thread material. It’s fast though and sick.






wrong fred m9

also was expecting more from PROLETARIJAT001 lol


Looks like that Mall Grab tune is coming out on Skream’s label, who woulda thunk


uttu is not skream’s label tho