The techno thread


ah, not sure why i thought it was, what’s the name of his label again?

edit: it’s ‘of unsound mind’

not sure how i got those two mixed up haha, guess it’s the un-'s



witch are mental


Throwback to the Blacknecks days. Feel like that UK ravey techno revival is already
loosing a lot of it’s momentum records-wise. It brought us some good stuff though.
A lot of the noisy, non-4x4 releases in that niche can really move a crowd.


Got any other examples you’d recommend?


Yeah most records by JoeFarr, Keepsakes, mpia3, Martyn Hare, Ansome, Truss.


Might be going to see Imre Kiss next Saturday, not a massive techno ead. Went to a Lobster Theremin night in Corsica Studios before but wasnt that fond on it cos I don’t listen to that much dark techno lol apparently this bloke is more down the ambient route tho so maybe I’ll prefer that fk knows

Dunno if you’d consider this techno but been loving this recently


Did I miss something? They’re all lo-fi sunshine acid revivalist vibes in my head haha.

Edit: I’d generally consider Floating Points’ output house. Listening to his stuff always sends my mind back to Vietnam, where I was sitting in a hammock on the beach, having FP on repeat. That’s when I “got” house music; before I’d never be in the right mood or state of mind to find access to this kind of sound.


M8 asks me to go to lobster theremin night

sends me this

Im like okay sick sounds good

Get there and it’s more like this for the whole night

Which I’m not as fond of lol


Sick, heard Willie Burns do a similar thing once. Expecting deep stuff with crunchy drums and
getting full on ghetto bangers for 2 hours straight.

This Legowelt track actually does the opposite. If you mix it in on a big system, those kicks
will fuckin besiege the place, but then his excellent synth programming just take
it in an entirely different direction.


willie burns is a jokes name


Interesting bit of trivia - grain is artwork from magnetic man, big apple and menta - but you probably already know that.



I don’t know if this is techno or house but who cares. It’s so goddamn good.


Waiting for this, amongst a few others, in the mail


Ive been comin back to this everyday past month or so I love it


All the Maurizio series is so fun to mix as well


Maurizio, Main Street, Chain Reaction, Burial Mix … Basic Channel, retrospectively, was their weakest project and all the development that came after it soon enough surpassed it.


Yeah. I find chain reaction so much more interesting than basic channel. BC only has a few records that I really like.


your opinion is wrong m9

early bc slays and everything else they did is what ppl to this day still try to emulate. dub techno nowadays is just variations of quadrant dub lol (and nowhere near as good)

maurizio started off strong, i’d say no. 2 & 3 are essential techno records, but after that kinda fell off too hard into tech house-y terrain, which is not bad but not as good as the first releases imo

chain reaction i view as a different beast and wouldn’t compare it to bc/maurizio etc. some strong releases, some ok releases. towards the end i think they went a bit too ambient-y

but main street, r&s and burial mix are nowhere near as good/essential. i still love that stuff but idk if i’d ever say to someone to pick up a burial mix record instead of a bc one.