The techno thread


I’m not denying the huge contribution to, err, techno history BC made. But I can’t see myself ever pulling for a BC record in a club, whereas Chain Reaction / Burial Mix / Maurizio / R&S records get regular plays still. And I don’t put on BC 12"s for home listening either haha.

BC was great, but serves no purpose to me. Their other / later stuff is still great and I get some use out of it.


fair enough

just find it odd considering early bc is prob the most bangin club shit they did. tho i guess it depends on the vibe your sets are on


140bpm relentless 4x4 blending your head to bits isn’t the one haha.


hmmm ive played bc bits slower and still sounds good
but yeah tunes like that are good to be sprinkled here and there rather than 3 hrs of it lol


Have to admit, I’d still go wild to this.


I want to mix some of the Beatless ambient ones over a few tunes. Might sound cool.




This one is such a belter




the hats are so live in this one.




can’t hack the non-camp acid. it just doesn’t make sense to me. if you’re gonna go wild, take it all the way or leave it.


man i just listened to the rest of this



dat sample <3


Cyrus - Enforcement came on during my walk to the bus this morning. Pitch black out and the stars above. Man that tune is an experience. Never gets old.


might be more electro/industrial than techno, but whateva, im shit with genres




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