The techno thread


Tzusing is the shit. Gutted I missed out on Das Ding, Vasicka and Broken English Club
last weekend, but had to have some hours off at some point.

Hopefully catching la-4a next week though. He’s more and the acid/electro side, but
pretty schmutzig.




Isn’t that just the perfect word to describe that type of music?


^ yes absolutely. although “dreckig” would maybe fit a bit better; it’s a bit stronger and more often used in colloquial german than the almost-but-not-quite burgois “schmutzig”.

So yesterday, Benjamin Damage burned the place down by adapting to the system and playing to its strengths - drawing for heavy-hitting, impeccably produced techno bangers and some lean rollers inbetween. This was an early highlight:

Tonight I had the choice between Fumiya Tanaka on arguably the best system in europe (seriously listen to that set it’s absurd)

and Kangding Ray in a fucked-up basement

yet chose to stay in because I’m a little bitch-ass pussy.

P.s.: speaking of Pearson Sound: gonna see him next week and I’m hyped as fuck. All the heads from all over switzerland will be in the building, guaranteed good vibes all night.


New hotflush is important



anyone recommend me a 10/10 dub techno mix






Omg, this so much fun


Lol can’t say its one of my favs


oi @jurkhands cheers for that fumiya tanaka set its so sickkkkk





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anyone recommend me a 10/10 dub techno mix




was feeling this btw

bake = king


Giegling x Smoke Machine seems to always deliver. But tbh that Vril one is hands down some of the best dubtechno you’ll find. Echogarden has a few good ones, i.e. Xeed’s and Idealist’s, but they’re usually more on the dub & house side of things. Same goes for Eli Verveine’s RA mix.

Timnah Sommerfeldt went innn for Ben UFO’s Rinse show though (22min onwards):

N yeah, Bake, Ryan Martin, PLO Man, Hashman Deejay - the lot are currently on fire.


Yeah look forward to seeing PLO Man. Same guys who booked Slow Life, who were
literally the nicest people btw. Obviously a good set too.

Have always enjoyed this recording from Eduardo de la Calle:

Not sure if this is more micro house or whatever, but I enjoyed it. Check
out 41:00:


thanks m9

that vril one was dope, really rated his berghain mix that came up on youtube sidebar from it

have you got a classics one on hand btw, like an intro to basic channel etc type thing

hear that influence so much in 140 and feel like i need a deeper dip into the origins


This mix by Von Oswald & Mark Ernestus, donning their Scion guise, is probably the best starting point. It does what it says on the tin.

I’d recommend digging through Basic Channel’s discography first if you haven’t already, then proceed to check out their seminal Chain Reaction imprint, where they’ve released mostly other people’s music. In any case, Chain Reaction is in my opinion the strongest of all the Basic Channel-affiliated labels. For a more dubcentric approach, see Burial Mix and Rhythm & Sound. Maurizio was their house outlet, also incredibly strong; “Domina” is hands down one of the best house tunes to ever see the light of day. All dubbed out, blissful textures with a groovy bassline and the perfect kick.

There’s been a lot of forgettable dub techno releases and labels throughout the years; Giegling’s “Staub” series have provided some awesome takes on the genre though. The releases excell in sound design and provide rewarding mixdowns, letting each element breathe as it further unfolds. Another mainstay is DeepChord (10/10 mix incoming).

As Von Oswald once put it, it’s all about reduction and repetition. Analogue modulation, little sound fragments, splycing and other happy accidents make or break a dubtechno tune imo, all in the details. Yet since it intentionally never goes anywhere, it’s also great to zone out to. As a side effect, you’ll hardly find an unlistenable dub techno tune - even the dullest, blandest approach kinda does the trick, which is the genre’s bane and blessing.

For more a modern, ambient leaning take on the concept I’d recommend checking out the Silent Season catalogue and related acts (Edanticonf and Federsen are decent starting points). ~scope (by Pole) has also a few decent bits out.

Enjoy your discogs. I’d love to relive the time when I first started digging for dub techno; every new discogs discovery was a fucking revelation.