The techno thread


I wrote all that on my cellphone while taking a dump and now I can barely move my left leg. This is how much I love you.


lool :heart_eyes:




Didn’t get to give it a listen yet, but I’m certain it’s sick.

(Btw. that sentence felt wrong; do people say that?)


Haven’t had a chance to listen* Sounds a bit more natural to me


never heard of the artist or label, but this showed up in my feed and it’s sick!


This is a sick mix of just rhythm & sound tunes if you wanna have a listen to that side of things more


thank u all







Neil Landstrumm on Mord:


I rate every tune except B1 (it’s good at what it does, but I don’t like the direction personally), fully knowing it’ll probably the only one I’ll hear being played out on a regular basis. :weary:


Agree! It’s a bit much.

I like Lag’s remix. Shout out Milos.


On the topic of belters:

A guy who played a few hours after me the other day opened his set with ^ this. Easily the best & hardest tune of the night.


can anyone link me some techno (pushing 135 and onwards) mixes that will get me through work please?

these vibes -


bang bang bang bang


damn, those are both great


Looking for a few IDs.

00:07:00 - EDIT: Exos - Attfalt
01:54:00 - EDIT: Roman Poncet & DJ Deep - La Valle La Deep (La Deep Mix)


On Leiras’ Ownlife imprint:

Real simple but effective stuff.


buttechno :gunfinger:


big ups became the finger woi
now it should like bounce or smthing when liked
edit; we should get little downs too