The techno thread


Nah. It would become like Reddit where everyone downvotes opinions they don’t like instead of trolling comments.


Kann wasn’t really on my radar until recently. I always dismissed them as a Giegling knock-off, which, in hindsight, was probably a bit unfair. A few of their releases actually go pretty hard (or groovy), and their DJs are top-notch. This live recording is highly recommended. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole ride.


I don’t play this album enough


nah I mean like a picture with a downs kid on it (this sounds so insensitive lol)
like this one

doesnt even need good pixels to stay funny af

edit; and it also wouldnt affect their posts in any way, just for lulz, like half jaydots posts
edit2; big up the KANN mix




lol RA being RA. comment section delivers aswell.


Kind of dig a1 and a3, but wouldn’t buy it for that.

Similar to that TRP record on Lobster though, which I did get.


For some reason I was playing at 145. Old Maurizio bit that had to be pitched up for
god know’s what reason. Mixed it with Tacocat’s ‘Talk’. Probably the only room in which
that could have worked, but it worked.


Just caught Abdulla Rashim. What a character. Incredibly fine ears, too—very apprehensive of even the slightest changes to the system. Absolutely, outstandingly stellar set. Probably the best techno set I’ve heard in a long, long time.
“The soundsystem? It’s perrfekt.”


yeah i have seen Rashim too and he is on another level.


Actually all the NE guys have seen (Korridor, Acronym and Varg) where pretty fucking good too.


Yeah he’s really good. He played when we opened in 2014 iirc.
Since then I have lost interest in what NE puts out, but I rinsed
that sound for some years. A lot of Svreca, Violet Poison etc…

Def still planning on visiting Basel to listen to those Lambda horns.
Maybe when I go to Frankfurt, but that would have to happen this month,
so I better start planning :dunce:


Yeah just give me a heads-up & send me a text; can sort you a couch and all. Night at the club is covered a-z obviously :fire: Programme’s on fb, if you need tips further in advance I can send you a list of recommended dates. We have Randomer & Objekt, Hodge & Kowton, Peter van Hoesen, Artefakt, Modern Love, Pariah & Yaleesa Hall coming up among others.


Groovers! Modern Love or Artefakt would be nice.


I dont pay much attention to NE techno releases, seeing them live is different. Although i have to say they have released a couple of excellent ambient pieces specially Zinvalhi by Varg its one of the albums i have heard more this yearვარგ-ჟინვალი/release/8236692


sick bookings btw jurk!


missed this release somehow til a friend played it on radio yesterday, killer track


not seeing him at dek is still probably my worst move of 2016


He played in the morning though.