The techno thread


edit; dunno if posted before


Hmm, his set was great for sure, but his sound doesn’t fit well in a huge festival tent at 2pm. I think he’s much more at ease in a club setting or late at night; he should’ve gotten a closing slot at Dekmantel tbh.


this fucking album


Swear 2pm must have been his last tune. I think Objekt was playing when I arrived.
Moritz von Oswald was also in the morning. Would have checked out both otherwise.


Yeah that’s quite possible actually; might’ve been on from 12.


Any tips for stuff on this ambient sci-fi kind of vibe would be appreciated…



Yeah basically a lot of electro. Some Delta Funktionen dj sets maybe.

*edit: A ton of french wave and synth wave music also has these stylistic elements.
Also don’t want to miss an opportunity to plug Steve Moore again:


This one came out not too long ago. Awesome shit.

@AxeD on point as per. I’d love to recommend you more but my knowledge of spaced out electro is very, very limited, to say the least.


and check out Joey Anderson. Different vibe, but still very spaced out


Yeah Joey Anderson is playing at our weekender in two days. Good stuff.
Also Molly, Hashman v PLO Man and Vakula.


Cheers guys :bluethumb:


This mix from a while back is full of it as well, wicked set


old biosphere like patashnik




Latest Strictly Flava release has a Techno vibe to it…something a little different…


hit me with newskool wonk yo… Is it out there?


not sure what youre looking for exactly but this one is a percy


Interesting… I guess I’m really looking for the techno side of madshit lol, maybe something more asymmetrical/dirty/abstract, but so far liking this as well. Nice time sig.

I know that some of the German madshitters™ came out of the Berlin scene (p much the Mecca of techno rn) so… yeah.