The techno thread


try this compilation on for size, some bangers in here, the 2nd half of that somec tune >>>


Qnete track… now that’s proper dutty!

Somec tune is v nice too.



I realized that I was going down some relatively uncharted territory in my DJ sets at the time regarding Broken Techno, riding this line between deep techno, brokenbeat and Electro. I had to flesh some of this stuff out in the mix. Definitely a territory I’m interested in exploring more.


I’m claiming it away from techno for the new territory of Madshit/Ruffian/whatever name I come up with next week… :sunglasses:

But seriously now - thank you. Glad I ventured outside my comfort zone and doubly glad to be rewarded so.

I love you guys. :grouphug:


Deal with it


we dont have an electro thread do we?


there was one in the old one






Big up to @Cyclopian for gently reacquainting me w/ dub techno vibes. I’d almost forgotten what a nice balance a lot of this stuff strikes.

Also big up @mks for the referrals above. Really feeling Opaque esp. - kind of same vibes as Darqwan but less darkness.

Dug out my P’Taah “Compressed Light” cd as well.


I feel 100% submissive right now



First release from LIES this year… Tzusing album!




Just realized this is by Oliver and Roxy.



big set


A little different… p well produced imo.