The techno thread


85/170 bpm ting
kinda techno, kinda dnb, I don’t know but it’s sick


So weird. Was just listening to uk hardcore/tekno cross overs.

Is it time for a plug session though?


Yea it might be, have piled up some fiya tunes to unleash upon you


Snarky comeback.


I’ll be on later though; still making some naan.



monster bass on this one


I was doing a sleep by then probably.

This kind of belongs here:


Very well sequenced mix, nicely flowing from wave to techno, ebm & beyond.

Edit: not exactly techno tbf; groovy, loopy 110bpm selections you’d hear in a sotofett set…


110-115 has been my favorite tempo over the past few months, just hits a perfect spot for my brain.

bout to put the mix on tho, cheers for the link


I’ve been kind of going for the opposite, a lot of 145-150. Like the darker 90s hardcore stuff -without the cheesy pianos- or wavey electro stuff like this:


is anyone into that techno/hardcore crossover old skool stuff

was looking into it cos i was doing social media for a clothing brand that was really big in that scene and it’s fuckin fun


Sick tune but isn’t that just ‘industrial’?


I know this tune is a bit cheesy, but looking for more stuff in the same vein


Kangding Ray -8? :badteeth:

Sorry, I’m of no help here.


i love what i’ve heard from kangding ray in the past (amber decay is a banger imo) but im not familiar with -8, and searches proving tough, got a link?


Playing it at -8 :wink:




A classic, but I feel like a lot of people know of Deep Sea Dweller and not the
original context in which some of these tracks were released.


anyone got a good acid techno mix

darkest gnarliest plz