The techno thread








I’ve been playing this so much last year.


same, but kinda forgot about it until WIllow busted it out the other night. top banga

bit a shame the flip is so uninspired.


the new Low Income $quad tape is p lit




The only track from the new Talismann that really grabbed me:


liking the ivvvo stuff !


could easily see you making this track


so this ihatemodels guy kind of has an interesting sound, but does it ever turn into good tracks ?

whatzya fav?


I don’t really listen to that kind of stuff much anymore. I think it’s because nights with music
like that draw a crowd that I don’t want to be in.
That being said, I played this one quite a few times:

Lost in this World is also decent imo. Some of the tracks shouldn’t even have been
released though.


It’s pastiche, isn’t it? Wearing the influences a bit too prominently on its sleeve. I kinda like the direction Arts is headed to at the moment though; decidedly unapologetic big-room sounds with a knack for overt emotion. Like Klockworks, but better.

I’ve kinda slipped into this local scene where everyone’s playing slow and hard as fuck EBM & industrial influenced techno, post-punk & wave records. Some of it is a bit cheesy, but not gonna lie, there’s also bare bangers. Look out for the likes of Interstellar Funk, Black Merlin, JASSS, Le Chocolat Noir, Alessandro Adriani and Vladimir Ivkovic pushing these sounds on the international stage.


Our next release is a warehouse rave influenced techno EP Called 4AM Sweat.

Have a listen and let us know what you think.




wouldn’t a tune that was teched out beyond recognition genre wise have to be considered a techno tune?

like I mean doesn’t techno have to wear on its sleave that its this all inclusive thing where the tech extreme goes ?


what do you mean by “teched out”? productionwise, as in Noisia^10? or stereotyping techno to the absolute max and beyond?

in both cases, yes… and I’d be interested to hear your take on the latter :wink:


People who didn’t know used to call anything electronic Techno.


yeah tech’ed out as an opposite to like organic (where i consider for example break beats to be part of organic music - that nuum) but also like the sound of technology before technology becomes musical
but i guess that is industrial too

a lot of stuff that was techno influenced like boddika or blawan has that ware house sound to it but that imo is also organic
and if they had started out as techno artists we would probably say their progression was turning it into dnb or at least break beat music you know what i mean?

so i just thought there might be some extreme ‘sound of technology’ hidden behind somewhere?

scifi should probably just be a genre in music

(oh and yeah will add you when i post it up in another thread jrk, cheers)


im talking about extratronic ofcourse, mks :mrgreen: