The techno thread


EBM, industrial and, to a somewhat lesser extent, electro check all your boxes; although I’d argue that music completely devoid of organic elements tends to place on the boring side of the spectrum. In the end, (most?) analogue means of sound production benefit from happy accidents and minuscule colouring even the “most discrete” circuit will leave on the product, adding depth and character.

You’d probably want the cleanest, most sterile sound possibly achievable.


yeah i can see that as a consequence in sort of a textural or physical representation of what music could be

but there’s also the bit that for example break beats make it more human and easier to get a result from immediately
that could then argue the opposite where using less evocative sounds and removing the human element then points to an extreme or a niche

i mean a genuine creative angle or benefit in working with the in-human

because theres always the bit of the kick mimicking a heart beat that turns techno right back into the soulful or vibes-y music

…(most?) analogue means of sound production benefit from happy accidents and minuscule colouring even the “most discrete” circuit will leave on the product, adding depth and character.

yeah man but in that case its good to have experience with philosophy because you and me can just cut thru that and see that the thing you mention could describe what we’d call an organism in the first place

a synth having to start up, sounding different every day, almost like it has to breathe innit

that nature is why we at all can get into it and fiddle with cold knobs lol

I dunno what Im asking but i think you can imagine that there ought to be an extra niche or something here - - - there’s something missing, missing

:corndance: okay so if this ^ is completely incomprehesible then i’ll put it like this :

we all know that music is language and that language has words and music has moments or whatever that do the same as words does

but written language is text but is also language represented

I’m saying music and even the techno Im aware of is spoken language but that there ought to exist something that was music like text is language

because its not about wether its played live or not
we have learned that sequenced music has as much or maybe more soul


When I think about overly techy music I think about Trentemoller or maybe something
in the minimal/micro or goa field. A lot of that stuff has so little heart.

I think a lot of EBM, concrete, electro and industrial/noise actually does the opposite, i.e. heart
on the sleeve. Maybe I don’t understand your original point entirely though. Techno was just a
very apt name for a genre that has evolved to be something that’s hardly definable at this point imo.

Jrky already touched upon this: a lot of electro music is completely characterized by technological developments. More so than it’s techno counterpart, or it’s at least much more obvious. Just look at the titles of Gerald Donald’s productions from around the turn of the century. But the same goes for
a lot of the big 90s electro producers.


Yeah but thats exactly why im thinking that in umbrella terms there ought to be this technology first type of thing

you could say industrial is industrial first
or that noise is noise first or dissonance before harmony

techno seems to have the kick drum or the idea of a neutral-ish sequence of one main sound mimicking a heart beat
like before it would do anything else - - and as a sort thing in common overall in techno

so im looking for something that is about technology first but i guess its just the fact that all these genres are electronic rergardless of genre

so some bits are just going to be technologically progressive no matter what the genre is . . . like noisia ^

its probably a literary mistake on my part equating progressive tech with the idea of scifi


this is technology too



but yall didnt like it when i said steampunk is cool
do you know what I mean… like it’d be weird if techno had to be that outlet of retro fitting/ re appropriating retro tech but logical none the less ofcourse



Just finished my first track which is influenced by techno / EBM / industrial. Those who have listened to my past tracks will know they were more dubstep/bass inspired. But I got my first vintage synth and drum machine a while back, and have been listened to loads of techno and EBM type stuff recently.



This sounds massive… not even sure what heading to put it under.


I’ve been a sucker for the slightly slower beats recently.


any recommendations on some old school uk techno tunes? like where beneath, alex coulton, hodge and the like draw their influences? bassy, percussive, even breaky? not so much the loopy, blippy fast kind


I’d delve into early WARP, XL and R&S for a start to check out some 90s hardcore-techno fusions; bleep techno (LFO) being probably the most obvious influence.


is this wellknown ?


Parrish is the man. Also, can’t wait to hear Mark (Knekelhuis) open for Inga Mauer.


Yo gimme pointers on where to dig for more of this stuff. The more stripped-back, the better though.

Basically I’m just looking for some rough and unpolished grooves at ~115.


Ference has definitely released some stuff in that direction:

This one fits the description a bit better I guess:

Early 2000 Bunker Records has quite a bit in this vein too.
There’s also a bunch of really stripped back tape distorted jams on French labels
operating in the late 90’s and early 00’s. It’s all very wavey or even post-punkish though.
Not sure if you’re looking for that. But yea Invasion Planete Recordings.


That second tune :exclamation:


Big up mate. :crossed_fingers:


best mix I’ve heard this year. very kraut.

Embers - Nielude [Enfant Terrible]
Máma Bubo - New Age In Prague [Endless Illusion]
Black People - Isle Of The Dead [FlexiWave]
Pye Corner Audio, Faten Kanaan - The Darkest Wave [Polytechnic Youth]
Children of Leir - Shapes of Sleep [Return To Disorder]
Second Layer - Definition Of Honour [Cherry Red/Dark Entries]
Parrish Smith - Seven [Knekelhuis]
Orphx - Walk Into The Broken Night [Sonic Groove]
Carlos Peron - Nothing Is True… Part III [Partizone]
Pragma - Dusk [Frigio]
Smersh - M Appeal (Parrish Smith Remix) [Knekelhuis]
MRH - Envy (Dieter Flegel Remix) [Neubau]
Philippe Laurent - Interferon [Serendip]
Maoupa Mazzocchetti - Muzzled [Unknown Precept]
Embers - Ertefretter [Enfant Terrible]

check out Cosmic Sound Bubbles’ soundcloud page, they have some sick podcasts from some local diggers aswell as bigger names like Le Chocolat Noir.