The techno thread


I think they gave it away as a .WAV as opposed to MP3 solely because it’s higher quality. What would you wanted them to give it away as?


sheet music preferably



Heard some great sets today. Stan Tolkachev and Ron Trent on the same day.


Tolkachev is sick
im seeing acronym soon




i rate this
the forthcoming album looks promising


coming out late november apparently i’ll be keeping my eyes open :eyes:


was into this dude a few years ago when he was associated with the russian wonky scene. p sick album defo worth a listen. description is fucking cringe tho


i’m heavily digging this EP:


Yeah, great record. I went through a few crates last week and left the shop with just that one.

Recently heard DJ Deep (or Kopp) drop this record, which in all fairness I hadn’t heard of
mainly because it’s on CLR, but it caught me of guard:



something awesome about this cover art


Devine Right is an absolute banger, but on the whole I don’t
think I’d get the LP. That Infinite Abyss EP is enough Dax J for me.

Haven’t heard this out yet, which is strange to me




really enjoying traumprinz/prince of denmark/dj metatron today

what’s view on this breh, i’m v out of the loop on this stuff

any similar producers you’d recommend?


All Giegling; Vril on Delsin (or Delsin in general, if you’re after some more driving and less minimal stuff). Classic dubtechno might suit you well; dubbed-out house, i.e. some Redshape, Luke Hess, Mike Dehnert, Tobias, Efdemin; Asusu has a couple of things on a similar tip aswell.


This is the Nachtdigital/Nachtiville stuff right? Maybe check out some mixes
by Steffen himself.

Also Terekke on LIES, Efdemin(^) and maybe some Perlon stuff.


great record by Terekke. became a bit pricey, but imo it’s still worth the money.

speaking of sick LIES -

my pressing of this Terekke record is so fucked. :corncry:

some more upbeat stuff by Asusu

dubbed-out tech house banger

heavy remix on Delsin

Vril dub bangs even harder

more Vril on Delsin

one out of eight or so decent records on Ostgut

pretty sure @RKM will like this one - reissued on Delsin not long ago, probably still in stock at Clone or Redeye or sth

this and the second remix on the flip make for a deadly weapon

I need more legit trippy techno like this without becoming too big room… suggestions?