The techno thread


Good suggestions. For that trippy stuff, maybe check out Field Records (A’dam).

Maybe Szare, Claro Intelecto. You probably know those guys.
Felix K?


cheers man, will check them out

yeah I’ve bought that Claro Intelecto record that came out on Delsin a while ago (I must be sounding like a huge fanboy haha). Szare I haven’t checked out since he did that stuff with Synkro - which imo was very very boring. I’ll try his newer productions :smile:


Big fan myself as well. The guy who does most of their mastering knows his shit.
He makes music under MA Spaventi, not sure if that’s your thing though.


szare double album on frozen border is sick af. specially the mix cd
think they just put a record out on field recs actually

and felix k is the man. hidden hawaii is defo one of the best labels out there


also imo claro intelectos best releases are on modern love


yeah after checking Felix K’s soundcloud it was pretty obvious who we were talking about lol. didn’t know he was the same guy as Carrier One though. rated his stuff on Samurai a lot.

thanks for pointing me to the Claro Intelecto thingies on Modern Love. it’s good.


Yes bruv.

Talked to Felix K briefly when he played at the venue I work at.
Think he said something about Samurai, but I actually haven’t heard
the record yet. Unless he played it then :slight_smile: Will check that out.


big up the “I’ll remix my other alias”-folks though. :cornlol:


Can anyone suggest some artists or labels similar in sound to paranoid London’s music?


Yeah you should be looking for acid house. So maybe Creme Organization and
Pinkman. Those are both Dutch labels that put out some really strong acid

Saw Paranoid London twice this year. Vibe was really good at Dour.




why does this work

but all the others don’t?


it came from my liked playlist, which is private so you only see the video posted


cool work-around.



Got this in the mail the other day and I keep listening to Day of Creation non-stop. The whole record is very solid imo. Wondering what you guys think since i dont know much about techno tbh…MOTE045


Yeah I have that too. Sick record.
Not a big fan of the A side though.


used to be really into that type of stuff as a yout. B-side on this is more me now I agree. Still enjoy it because I dont have any other records with that more aggressive vibe alarm/industrial techno on it. I thought it was well executed regardless that im more after that b-side vibe when I shop.


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