Thinking In My Pajamas

Okay, shit first post, but to get it started, a teaser for things to come.

Sorry for the character of this vid, but still, there is some stuff there.

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Man I am going to try using the notes between notes more often. Somehow

Isn’t that micro tonal some such or something…notes between notes???

There are just alternate scales, different intervals. Shit, there are different tunings within the western 12 note scale. They sound similar but different, more peaceful, more at rest.

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I also enjoy drinking in my pajamas.

I’ve fooled everyone into not noticing that I wear my pajamas all day. It is my life’s greatest achievement.

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amazing stuff

@cyclopian was talking about movie composition practise, taking scenes from a film, muting soundtrack and creating our own and slowly getting practise into making film scores. might give that a go, eyes wide shut :alien:

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Lol. Good shit.

You know I’ve been tryin do visuals for songs, it is the reverse process, you’re scoring visuals to the music, lol, but damn, after effects has changed so much from when I used to use it, like damn, it is going to be a long road.

You got enough pyjamatime tho, now or never

Perhaps never.

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Best one yet


Something that worked for me was highpassing a break, cutting it to half time, and using it as dubstep drum tops.

Got it from here.

pretty amazing stuff in the articles here

good service

insane producer too btw

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