Tuna - The Legend Continues


k yeah its hard to complete sth when its at a certain stage like several ways that all kinda work :confused:


Yeah, surely u gonna have another banger for next week anyways lolol

Been working on adding visuals, actually p cool with some tracks


small tuna

Effervescent Jizzer

Unstoppable Budspencer

Unexpected Tolsof

mod edit II


Shit sorry guys I’ll do last weeks feedback in a bit I’m just at the shops lol.


I have one I can send to you today. Just got a bit of work done on it this morning before work (still just a clip tho unfortunately)


last weeks tuna feedback incoming
Im not too sure what to sugest with this one becuase the concept its self aappears to revolve around a group of sounds interacting with one another. perhaps towards the end introduce more effects, perhaps you could have a reverb opening up and a stereo imager also turning up so it builds up to being super spacious?
just an idea ;0


Nicey nicey, I think i could personally do with slightly more snare in the mix if thats possible other than than its a really nice beat as usual. can deffo picture someone spitting on this like.

Ur tracks have vanished for me :frowning:


had no space left :confused: i can send you pm with the two tunes though


send away, this week could do with an extra tuna :slight_smile:


Also since I’m out of the running for sample comp I can post that up too


I used my mod powers to add an extra in hehe



@Jizz very strange tune, quite like the vibe it has but some things are a bit offputting, not sure if its on purpose but the gain levels sound a bit uneven (bare in mind, listening on headphones as usual, so could be just me)… that stabby high pitched sound in the beginning could be louder, also the foley water-ish sound is too loud imo, the clap could be more defined as well, maybe fiddle with a transient shaper or something?
the way you drop that pad out of nowhere at 1:43 is sick
wouldnt mind stems if you finish it (ye ye i know i still have that other remix cooking, never find time to put work into it, its hard enough just keeping up with tuna :corncry:)

@BudSpencertron hyanda: this one is blanc stuff right? i like that tropical jamie xx-ish sound, maybe change the melody more throughout, it gets a bit samey imo, but then again personal taste, not much too critique aside of that, actually tempted to ask for stems too

old mop: this one is a lot, what genre would that be? dark synthpop? i would say its finished man, would make a sick soundtrack

homes: nice melody, i feel the transition when it drops is too abrupt, maybe just using a riser or some sound reversed would make it less unnatural, the mixdown gets weird at 1.30, like there’s still the trumpet-y synth that i’m focused on as a listener because the melody is well catchy and suddenly there’s these two other synths coming in much louder competing for my attention, idk, maybe its just me tho

@Tolsof thing continued: hard to critique on a short snippet, nothing sounds outright wrong to me, add an intro a breakdown, a second part and an outro and post results imo

witchcraft: the foley click sounds are maybe a bit too loud compared to the rest, especially during the intro i find, what you have is cool, it works, but i feel the end result could be much better if there were more variations, even simple stuff like fills in the beat every 16/32bars, little incidentals, maybe have only one element playing then dropping everything back, just carving it into more of a tune and less of a few cool 16 bars loops pasted together :slight_smile:

@cyclopian where’s the drop m8?


shitt, gonna reedit your post again lol


well go and edit my feedback post to feedback your own song while you’re at it :badteeth:

(gotta run, will feedback tomorrow)


@cyclopian: liking the dubby vibes on this, sounds pretty much done to me, no defects i can point out… sorry for the useless feedback…

any news about that 7" with the other tetrad remix btw? i’d cop one when its out


@BudSpencertron hyanda: this is amazing. for something with vocals, it stays subtle. really like how simple the melodic rhythm is. yeah man, zoned out completely there
mop: bro i dont know what to say haha, this ones great too. synth is really well designed. though your grime ideas are great, these chilled out bits sound even better to me. this track has pop potential i think, with that lead synth in the second half.
homes: this one might benefit from going ambient. the vibe is brilliant, but i think even that delayed vocal chop isnt necessary, when the melodic elements gel so well. the drums sound nice from about 2 mins in actually, so yeah maybe mess with arranging the drums on this

@Tolsof thing: raw as fuck. make this a 12min loop and you have a post-berghain banger imo
witchcraft: intro stops just short of great, could be cos its really structured despite being ambient. the rhythm kicks in really naturally, feeling it. bassline could be greater, but i feel like you just played in some random notes/rhythm there. yeah this has potential tbh, even that midrange is waiting to get played around. interesting entry

@cyclopian straight to business. yeah the atmosphere is full, really flows over that bassline. cool rhythm too, different but simple. around 2:40 could move the stab rhythm into a simple melody, while muting out the atmosphere for a bit. then the atmos could come back in for the break/second half, get it flowing again



nice sounds so far i dig the hiss on the kickdrum
gets real nice at 1.44 mybe bring the coral water sound in with some filter so you have bit more development in the beginning
haha not sure if the snare/clap is needed but it fits maybe give it more of a clap clap fast clap rythmn?
but overall very nice not much to add good vibe

thing continued
very short but cool loop grap some sample form the witch and put them inbetween and maybe double the kick with some hard squarekicks hardstyle kicks

nice intro all sounds from the pack?
i think the background noise is tiny bit detuned to the nice bassline bassline is like kinda even vengaboys
the rest is like dark ambient haha but if you maybe tune all against each other tiny bit more i think it could fit

intro is cool here too :slight_smile:
very reverby
dig this dark sub yeah thats a nice tune hm not much to critic i would use it for my tokyo hipster fashion show
love the pic haha


lol i guess dark idm maybe or just idm same as weightless grime is just idm :confused:

maybe like children haha but yeha very melodic maybe i make a dif version someday out of it melody is btw nova32 lol love those midi generators bit tweaking and you have the nicest melodies


Thanks for the feedback guys. I’ve actually been toying with making witchcraft just an ambient intro kinda thing

@BudSpencertron thanks for those ideas for thing I’ll have to give that a try. And of course the witchcraft stuff is all from the pack :stuck_out_tongue: the drone was from the sweet keys thing iirc stretched and pitched down and rearranged and sliced up then recorded the stutter then bounced a version with 100% reverb and one without and played them together


ah no problem ment the movie “the witch” btw lol i guess you new that just to be clear haah cause your second tune is named witchcraft


Yeah I got ya. Not sure how I felt about that movie tbh a bit to jumpy (time wise not scare wise) imo